Why Choose Global Contact Services?

The importance of customer service is not lost on any size business or organization. Our clients chose GCS to help them deliver outstanding customer service at a reasonable cost. If you are in need of a reliable contact center or back office operation, consider GCS:

Our Size

GCS is Bigee-Small. We’re big enough to provide the scale, technology, and experience of the BIG guys, but small enough that you get the personal attention every client deserves. Your team will have the support of our entire organization and you can speak with our CEO at any time.

Our Experience

The majority of our managers have over 25 years of experience in the contact center industry. They know what works: balancing your company’s goals with making sure your customers feel valued. Our model is like your model: the consumer comes first. We manage the process to have a positive impact on your bottom line.

Brand Growth

Hiring GSC leads to substantial brand growth for our clients. Our goal is to provide more business for our clients by growing their reputation as a place that treats its customers well. We also help convince more consumers to buy. This builds positive word-of-mouth among our client’s intended consumer base and leads to more business.

Cost Savings

You don’t have to overpay to get the service levels your customers demand. Working with GSC doesn’t bankrupt your operating budget. We integrate self-service and live agents into a sensible mix that meets your objectives and never frustrates the customer. We control costs in our back office support and contact center operations. With GCS on the job, you’re free to invest time and resources into other areas of your business, which leads to more revenue growth.

Our Client Focus

We would not be the experts in customer service if we didn’t treat our own clients the same. It’s our privilege to work with your company. We understand your organization’s reputation depends on our performance. Our business model revolves around delivering a professional interaction through your customer’s chosen method of contact, whether it’s by phone, live chat, or email.

Contact us today to discuss your business’ best outsource options. Let us review your goals and needs so we can work together on the most effective solution.