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Contact Center Services for Vendor Management and Procurement

Contact Center Services that Deliver Excellent Customer Experiences, Meet ALL Service Levels and Remain On Budget

The difference between good customer service and excellent customer care is in the details. Small changes to the way you do things can mean big results. Help your contact center deliver the best customer experience possible by choosing an experienced vendor, like GCS. Our continuous improvement processes and training for contact center staff meet service levels and improve performance in all the ways that count.

We Hear It Every Day

Vendor Managers frustrated with a lack of communication. Not feeling like they are getting what they are paying for. Wanting to see progress instead of the same old results.

Choosing a vendor is about more than picking the lowest bidder. You want the best value for your situation.  Aside from the reality that you get what you pay for, the best contact center vendor for your company is going to be the one that can help you serve your customers with the desired level of service. For some, that will be high touch, for other, efficient service. Most are looking for a combination of the shortest wait time with strong first-call resolutions and high marks for customer satisfaction. To do that, your vendor needs to know how to find the best agents and how to train them in a way that mimics your company’s culture and mission to the customer. They will have to be efficient in process as well as effective with soft skills and empathy.

Then on top of everything else, the technology is also important. It must be reliable and stable. It should have the abilities to offer different communication channels (e.g., phone, web chat, email, social media), integrate into your account management software and implement a customer relationship management (CRM) platform matters. Reporting should be accurate and timely for effective decision making and response to demand.

Challenges You're Facing:

"At GCS, our differentiator is our ability to teach as many of our associates as possible about communications skills. Because we’re an audio business, holding conversations over the phone, we do the very best we can to be able to make the most out of every relationship… Our approach to customer service can be characterized by empathetic listening, influence, and positive problem-solving.”

Greg Alcorn, founder, and CEO of GCS, author of 7 Dumb Things We All Say: Smart Ways to Improve Every Relationship

Identify Solution Through Services

Leverage Our Experience

GCS is experienced in setting up, managing, and operating contact centers. We know what type of person makes a good agent and we know how to train those personalities effectively. We also understand the infrastructure that needs to be in place for those agents to serve your customers and deliver an unparalleled experience. Why? This is what we do. While your company is an expert in its field, our business is contact centers. We have worked with dozens of different companies from different industries. We have seen first-hand what works and what doesn’t so we can take you from startup to ongoing operations while avoiding the pitfalls that inexperience often brings.

See the Difference Experience Makes

Deliver Results

GCS is your partner for creating results for your organization. Improving satisfaction while reducing your contact center costs may sound like a pipe dream, but it’s not. As an experienced contact center vendor and training agency, GCS can deliver results. We have been in this business long enough that we know the best practices for the contact center industry and how to put them to their best uses. In fact, we’ve even created a few of our own performance techniques, like our recognized soft skills training program. Let GCS implement these best practices for you. Your customers deserve the best you can give them. They deserve GCS.

See the GCS Difference

GCS Makes it Easy to Offer Excellent Customer Service, Without Breaking the Budget

GCS is the answer. We will help you reach your performance metrics and increase customer loyalty while reducing your overall contact center costs. Let us leverage our experience to put industry best practices into place at your company. Our team can set up your contact centers to be as efficient as they are effective. We also have soft skills training that helps make sure your customers are receiving the best customer care possible. At GCS, we are experts at building and running the call centers that deliver the type of customer experience that builds loyalty. Contact us today and see what GCS can do for you.

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