9 Creative Ways to Use the Phone to Deliver Your Political Message

Written by George Simons on March 12, 2012
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I always enjoyed the scene in the 1980’s classic movie, The Blues Brothers, where Elwood and Jake strap a stolen speaker to the top of their 1974 Dodge Monaco cruiser and comb Chicago announcing their big event “…One night only, at the fabulous Palace Hotel Ballroom…” If only getting your political message out was as

Your Political Campaign Checklist

Written by Ron Rowan on June 17, 2011

Well another political season is fast upon us. It may seem to the constituents that there is a lull in the process, but for those of us involved in campaigning, the seasons seem to run together. As soon as one election cycle is finished, we are quickly jumping into the next. No matter where your

Columbus Day presents a unique opportunity for political calling!

Written by George Simons on October 6, 2010
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Columbus Day is coming up on Monday, October 11th and presents a unique opportunity for political calling.  Banks, post offices, union centers, federal offices and many schools will be closed, making it a perfect time for you to reach out and communicate with your constituents. And a perfect time to start a program with GCS.

Expressed Interest 6/10/10

Written by Greg Alcorn on June 10, 2010

Overall, our contact center work is pretty repetitive. We are asked to provide great customer service for our clients several times each day. The majority of our customer contacts are the same; yet, every two years, a predicted, radical change to our routine comes along – national elections. Since we started GCS in 2001, the