Coaching Employees in the Contact Center 101

Written by Bucky Cline on July 5, 2012

In the virtual conference this week, Greg Alcorn touched on many topics relating to the how’s and why’s of coaching and communication in the contact center. Quality coaching and active monitoring greatly improves our performance and helps us see where we can grow our skills. It is easy to take someone’s advice as criticism and not as

CRMXchange Webinar; Coaching with Style goes well!

Written by Bucky Cline on June 29, 2012

Presenting at a conference takes a lot of work and planning. Not to mention the travel time. Fortunately, last week, President and CEO Greg Alcorn got to do it all from the comfort of his office. CRMXchange hosted a virtual contact center conference this week. Greg hosted a session titled “Coaching, Communicating and Collaborating Your Way

Mind Your Manners!

Written by Greg Alcorn on July 30, 2010

Greg Alcorn on Minding Your Manners… Where did you learn your good manners? Manners like saying Please and Thank You, opening the door for someone, and writing personal Thank You notes.  It seems like every generation can pick a TV or radio personality that defines their approach to manners: Barney, Mr. Rogers, Captain Kangaroo, even

On Making Mistakes

Written by Greg Alcorn on July 22, 2010
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Making mistakes? I could write a book about it!! My favorite principles about making mistakes come from Tom Peters and his books “In Search of Excellence” and “A Passion for Excellence”. These are 1980’s books with timeless value. One principle was “Fail Forward Fast”. If you can test changes in your process, take calculated risk,

Expressed Interest 7/2/10

Written by Greg Alcorn on July 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, America! July 4th will be America’s 234th birthday. Our associates in Eastwood City celebrated the Independence Day for the Philippines on June 12th. We are very fortunate to work in countries that are republics and have considerably more freedom and opportunities than many other governments. July Fourth is a big deal in our