Kids say the darndest things…

Written by Greg Alcorn on August 2, 2014

…and so do adults.  Back in the 1960’s, Art Linkletter had a variety show that included interviews with children.  When a child said something unexpected, Linkletter would say his then famous line – Kids say the darndest things.  We’re not sure if “darndest” was or is a word, but everybody understood. One of our current

Principles for Leadership from Dr. Gerald Bell

Written by Bucky Cline on July 23, 2012

About two years ago our company had Dr. Gerald Bell come to speak on leadership and management strategies.  I was unable to attend his event myself, but I am consistently reminded of some of his principles (which I find very useful!). This morning, our Vice President of Human Resources, Bucky Cline, saw fit to remind

Listening isn’t the same as waiting for your turn to talk.

Written by Bryan Overcash on October 6, 2010
veterans day

I was doing some research on presentation styles the other day and ran across something that reminded me of this maxim: Listening isn’t the same as waiting for your turn to talk. I think we’ve all done it.  Sat there and listened to someone talk with our eyes wandering around, drumming our fingers or twiddling