GCS can provide a stable, competent and cost effective staff for your Contact Center

GCS provides front line, support, and management staff for all call center and back office operations. We have the process to identify, screen, train and staff your call center team. Whether we manage the complete BPO program or assist you with part of your staffing needs, we use the same process we have developed and refined over 25 years of human resource management in the contact center industry. Choose the level of service that works for you.

BPO Contact Center Services

  • Turn-Key Contact Center Staff hired and managed by GCS in your center or ours.
  • Hiring for new positions for your existing center; including recruiting, screening, training and onboarding. Employees can be contracted from GCS or hired by your firm. We will even hire your existing employees to begin the management of your program.
  • Management Team Development– the identification, recruiting, training and professional development of the key influencers in your center from Supervisor to Contact Center Manager.
  • Project Expansion, Transitional, Seasonal and Staff Augmentation – GCS can provide the staff when you are ready to scale or move an operation.

bpo contact center staffing



GCS can provide coverage for almost any language. Our non-English agents are required to demonstrated a proficiency in English so they can serve English speaking customers when not engaged in another language.

Likewise our self-service and non-voice channels provide translation services to support your customer with IVR, text, chat and email in their preferred language.

We have provide fully bi-lingual English-Hispanic centers for financial and banking customers. We have provided languages as diverse as Russian, Chinese and Amharic for public sector centers.

Consider GCS for your Call Center and Business Processing Outsourced (BPO) needs. Send us your RFP or contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


On-Premise or Off Site

Training and Certifications

Dedicated and Shared Agents