Soft Skills Training

Mastering Soft Skills

Online Coaching For Building Employee Confidence


Proven soft skills training for increased
customer service and communication skills.

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Instant Online Access
to a learning environment designated for your team. Easy to assign refresher courses and add new hires.

Program certification
builds pride, confidence and encourages learning.

Intuitive online dashboard
easily tracks progress and results. The simple reporting assists with compliance and training planning.

Exceptional Word Selection

Words and phrases to clearly communicate and keep conversations on track to resolution.

Mastering Conversations

Effective use of tone in speaking and writing to get action and diffuse stressful situations.

Listening and Questioning Skills

Using questions to control conversations and the techniques of world-class listening.


It gives a representation of real world questions for municipal city services.

– Municipal Customer Service Agent

It gives a representation of real world questions for municipal city services.

– Municipal Customer Service Agent

It gives a representation of real world questions for municipal city services.

– Municipal Customer Service Agent

Finally – a proven method to help you teach,
reinforce and refresh soft skills.

It’s What You Say

Achieve the 4 Benefits of Proper Word Selection. Build a custom glossary relative to your team.

It’s Also How You SAY It

Master the 3 Components of Voice Tone. Deliver effective messages every time.

And How You WRITE It

Write with power and clarity. Improve results using bold, CAPS, italics and underlining.

Listen Effectively

Discover the 4 Keys of Effective Listening. Ask better questions and identify non-verbal cues.

Defuse Stressful Situations

Master the 3 R’s of Recognize, Restate and Reassure to calm and redirect tough situations.

Simple to Use

Includes all video, activities, printable resource guides and final certification. No hidden fees or add on costs.

Say THIS, Not That…Most of the time™
is the soft skills mastery program you need for instant results. See how it can transform your organization.

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Call or email for quote.

We are so confident of our online soft skills training that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If after taking the course, you feel the training did not improve communication, we will refund your cost of the online training.


Say This, Not That is an online soft skills training program to develop associates’ skills for working with customers. Designed to benefit over-the-phone and face-to-face customer facing employees.

The SAY THIS, NOT THAT program is a web-based training platform. So it is available wherever you have an internet connection – 24X7X365.

  • Flexibility, you pick the time best suited for training.
  • Low cost per user.
  • Start immediately.
  • Opportunity to learn new communication and selling skills.

Typically, you can begin within 24 hours.

There are 3 modules, each can be completed in 90-minutes. You can stop and resume at any point of the training.

You have access to the LMS for 90 consecutive days.

We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee [link to MBG page]

Our program is compatible with most LMS systems. Contact us for information our licensing program.

The Supervisor Module allows you to view team results on-screen. You can even export results in a .CSV file.

The Supervisor Module allows you to see your employee results online. It shows elapsed time in the program and the results of the assessments.

STNT will help anyone communicating in spoken or written form. Over the phone, face-to-face or any written format. It helps at work, home and in the community.

We do provide live training for your teams. This is ideal for initiative kick-offs, new teams and special events. Contact us for more information and a quote.

Global Contact Services (GCS Agents) is a US based customer service provider offering contact center and face-to-face customer service. GCS has been around since 2001. Our leadership team has been in customer service and training their entire careers. Several since the 1980’s.