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Proven soft skills training for increased
customer service and communication skills.

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Instant Online Access
to a learning environment designated for your team. Easy to assign refresher courses and add new hires.

Program certification
builds pride, confidence and encourages learning.

Intuitive online dashboard
easily tracks progress and results. The simple reporting assists with compliance and training planning.

Exceptional Word Selection

Words and phrases to clearly communicate and keep conversations on track to resolution.

Mastering Conversations

Effective use of tone in speaking and writing to get action and diffuse stressful situations.

Listening and Questioning Skills

Using questions to control conversations and the techniques of world-class listening.


“GCS had a fresh, new spin that captivated and inspired. If you are looking for some fun and insightful ways to take your customer service skills over the top, this is the program for you.”

Manager, 311 & Board Member, AGCCP

“My “Say This not That” course taught me a lot and made me improve on how to communicate effectively with customers in the correct way. It also teaches you the right words to use in the difficult situations, to make conversations go smoothly. Taking the course made me improve on being more polite and welcoming to customers. I would recommend everyone that I know to take this course.”

Customer Service Representative
Best Deal Car Service Inc.

“In a society where people hold on to every word, and statements can stay with you and are referenced for many years, it is imperative to have the correct words to say. Say This, Not That is a simplified tool that will aide in gathering the right statement in any situation. Positive customer interaction is the key to any and all businesses; and this program is truly a beneficial course that will keep the interaction flowing smoothly and end successfully with a few simple, key approaches. I would recommend this training to any business that is looking to stay abreast and in tune with successful communication.“

Trainer, CharMeck 311

“The Say This Not That Customer Service Training is a very effective tool, because of the simplistic approach that it takes. This training shows how effective communication can control any interaction with a citizen or customer. I would recommend this training to any company, and suggest the program be offered as a yearly refresher course for customer service representatives, supervisors, and support staff.”

Trainer, CharMeck 311

“I utilized the 3-module program to upgrade the skills for the service dispatch team of my property management client. The humorous videos along with the detailed worksheets reinforced the messages and objectives of the various modules. I recommend this program to any customer facing departments, be it in-person, over the phone, or both.”

President, Source for Knowledge, LLC

“I feel the Say This, Not That Training material has a very simple yet effective insight on day to day call center operations with everyday people. I highly recommend this training to all customer service representatives and supervisors to remind them of how to speak effectively and respectfully to citizens, whether they are irate or calm.  This is a GREAT training tool for new agents, and refresher to seasoned agents.”

Trainer, CharMeck 311

Finally – a proven method to help you teach,
reinforce and refresh soft skills.

It’s What You Say

Achieve the 4 Benefits of Proper Word Selection. Build a custom glossary relative to your team.

It’s Also How You SAY It

Master the 3 Components of Voice Tone. Deliver effective messages every time.

And How You WRITE It

Write with power and clarity. Improve results using bold, CAPS, italics and underlining.

Listen Effectively

Discover the 4 Keys of Effective Listening. Ask better questions and identify non-verbal cues.

Defuse Stressful Situations

Master the 3 R’s of Recognize, Restate and Reassure to calm and redirect tough situations.

Simple to Use

Includes all video, activities, printable resource guides and final certification. No hidden fees or add on costs.

Say THIS, Not That…Most of the time™
is the soft skills mastery program you need for instant results. See how it can transform your organization.

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We are so confident of our online soft skills training that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee. If YOU DON’T LEARN AT LEAST ONE NEW communication SKILL, we will refund your cost of the online training.


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