Multiple options for agent assignment let you design a program that meets coverage and cost objectives

GCS uses Agent AssignmentWorkforce Management and Cross-Training to control cost and deliver consistent performance for our clients. Our primary staffing goal is to ensure that adequate staff is in place to handle the volume of calls during all hours of call center operation.

Our robust Workforce Management System, tracks historical call volume data to predict staffing levels required for specific days of the week and even for particular hours of the day (intervals). This Workforce Management System provides us with the information we need to ensure that our core, full-time staff is supplemented with a flexible group of part-time associates or blended agents when call volumes are predicted to be highest.

Additionally, we cross-train our CSRs to multiple call-types and other tasks. And, our call management system includes adjustable skills-based routing technology that lets us send a call to any associate who has been certified on that particular call type. This cross-training, along with our skills-based routing technology, allows us to find any qualified available agent which give us the flexibility to effectively respond to unanticipated spikes in call volume. The bottom line is consistent performance on all service levels of your program.

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We use several options for designing the agent environment based on client needs.

  • Dedicated Agents – Assigned only to your program and often work in secure environments to protect organizational or customer data.
  • Shared Agents – Trained to work on more than one program. Typically assigned to one program on a multi-hour or per shift basis. (See Blended Agent).
  • Blended Agents – Trained on multiple programs and may work on more than one during a given shift. Often used for non-sensitive programs with low-volume or spikes throughout the day.

GCS will be glad to work with you to meet your needs for security, coverage, service levels and cost. We would be happy to discuss options for your situation.