Consulting Solutions for cost effectively staffing and sizing to meet your Contact Center and Back Office goals.

GCS can help you choose the best way to operate your call center and back office program. We have installed more than 75 centers and managed thousands of programs. We will provide the data, facts, and plans you need to make the right decisions. Tap our experience and real life solutions to meet your organization’s goals.

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Our consulting team can answer the questions below for you.

  • RIGHT SIZING – How many live agents and what self-service channels do you need? Should you combine or expand sites or hours? How can you “fix” the current agent mix, skill set, or culture?
  • IN-HOUSE or OUT-SOURCED – Should you own the operation, outsource with a contractor, or find a hybrid arrangement? Could At Home Agents work for you? Should you try to manage all channels? How should you write and evaluate the Request for Proposal (RFP), define a Scope of Services, or manage aVendor Partner?
  • LOCATION – Where are the best locations for meeting your operations? Do you need one or multiple sites? Should locations be geographically dispersed to assist with Business Continuity? Will a local site boost support and pride enough to overcome cost considerations?
  • TECHNOLOGY – What is the best CRM/ACD/Cloud Based solution for you? What Self-Help Options are you missing? How do you design an IVR tree that promotes self-service and avoids aggravating your customer? How do you prevent spending too much on your next purchase? How can you be sure you are getting the most from the technology you already have? What should a specification for new technology require?

GCS has managed programs in many industries. We understand how to right size the workforce and integrate self-service technology to balance cost and customer satisfaction.

Call us to discover the best option for your support operations!