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The GCS approach to contact center management works for Retail and Consumer services

GCS is Focused on Retail Call Centers

We work closely with you to understand your product and service. Then we apply your information to our process to provide an excellent customer experience at an extremely competitive price. 
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Retail and Consumer

Being successful in any consumer-facing business requires strong customer service skills. A negative encounter with a contact center agent threatens a lifetime of THAT customer’s business – PLUS everyone they tell about it. The stakes are high. Make sure you select a contact center that puts YOUR customer experience first.

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How it Works

Our Omni-channel coverage means your customers are able to communicate via voice, chat, email, text, video, and social with your company. Meanwhile you will see a unified report on the activity and your customers will see you as responsive and unique among your competitors.

Is GCS a Good Fit For You?

Kinds of Companies

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