GCS has the process to begin your program quickly and with no interruptions.

Selecting the right contact center requires a high level of trust and confidence in their capability to get it right. In the last fourteen years, we have owned or operated call centers in New York, Virginia, West Virginia, Florida, Maine, Arizona and Texas.  Our management team has been involved with the set-up of over 75 locations and programs. We routinely provide transition timetables of ninety days or less.

outsourcing call center services

When we review your program we actually break down the steps needed to implement your program based on our time tested process. This step allows us to provide you the final details regarding the Transition process and the Implementation Timeline within days of a contract award. A few highlights of this document are listed below:

  • Identifies all deliverables of the transition and the steps needed to implement them. People, Process and Technology.
  • Outlines all resources we will allocate and their responsibilities. You will see how we functionally divide the components of the program to ensure a dedicated effort on each component.
  • Timelines the full milestone and detailed views of the individual aspects of the program implementation.

call center outsourcing process

The transition team will be led by the Project Manager (PM) and will be made up of senior management, subject matter experts and several members who will remain with the program as part of the on-going Management Team. The Team implements the plan, builds the center and in essence “hands off” a completed program to the on-going Management Team. This way, key employees of the new program will have insight and in-depth knowledge as to all the details of how it came together. They will have spent many hours with you and come to know you professionally and understand your business. They will be very comfortable with the entire operation and with the corporate support that is behind them.

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