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Global Contact Services (GCS) Named #1 in North America

Salisbury, NC, USA (April 28, 2015) Global Contact Services of Salisbury, NC placed First in the Top 100 Call Center Award for 2015 from BenchmarkPortal. BenchmarkPortal is a leader in rating and ranking contact center companies in customer service.

Greg Alcorn, CEO of GCS states “This award is a pleasant surprise. We owe it to our committed staff and years of continuous improvement in the management of contact centers.”

The Top 100 process is based on statistical comparison of call center metrics. The competition identifies centers who are achieving superior results in key metrics and delivering in both quality and cost efficiency. Each center was compared from a wide variety of industries and assigned numerical ratings. As a result, GCS was determined to be first among Large Size Call Centers in North America.

According to Bruce Belfiore of BenchmarkPortal, “The GCS top ranking shows it has achieved outstanding results. This is a great accomplishment. Being selected the winner is a direct result of leadership’s commitment to best practices.”

About Global Contact Services, LLC:

Since 2001, GCS has helped clients in both the private and public sector with contact center management. GCS provides outsource solutions, client site staffing and project based consulting.

To learn more call (844) 324-5427 or visit www.GCSagents.com

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