Omni Channel Increases Satisfaction

Omni channel

GCS offers an ability to provide an integrated approach to your multi-channel customer interactions. From one-channel to many, we will meet with your customer in their preferred channel, at the preferred time. Meanwhile, we track and report all customer interactions with your company to more effectively interact with them and increase overall satisfaction.

On an individual level, the customer receives a more personalized experience. Our client’s gain insightful data analysis to cost-effectively  service their market.

Here are the channels we service for call centers:

Live Agents – GCS completes millions of conversations a day on behalf of our clients. We provide dedicated and shared agent environments. Our options with IVR< blending and workforce management help control the costs in this channel.

Self-Directed IVR – Effective use of self-directed and voice enabled IVR’s provide round the clock access for consumer service and shift calls from more expensive channels. Our IVR team can provide the entire IVR experience for your business needs. We actively manage and improve the IVR process with data-analysis, customer feedback and client input.

Web Chat – Chat is booming in popularity. As a web support tool, it is a good way to encourage engagement and provide support that deepens the relationship. It is cost effective too because one agent can simultaneously manage multiple conversations and routine information can be automated.

Text –Consumers love the ease of texting and favor companies that will engage them in the text channel.

omni channel versus multi-channel

Email – Our associates process individual email requests, provide voice responses and lead generation for email campaigns.

Direct Mail – GCS handles fulfillment for your direct mail program and increases response by adding well-timed follow-ups to direct mail recipients.

Voicemail – Leaving effective voicemail messages can increase response and nurture customer relationships.

Personal Messaging – Personal notes and hand-written notations on mail have long proven their worth in increasing response. Our PENpal program leaves a memorable customer experience.

Video – Technology now allows us to improve the communications experience with the use of video. Your customers come face-to-face with our agents for a more effective conversation.

From single channel conversations to Omni-channel integration, let us work with you to combine the right balance of technology, location and process to meet your requirements.