Multiple sites let you design a program that makes sense for your plans

GCS has multiple options for the location of your call center and back office program. We can staff and manage your operation at your location or in one of ours. Locations can be geographically diverse to assist with Business Continuity on in a given location to boost local support and pride. Need a new location? We have selected and set up over 75 centers and will be happy to find the perfect location for you. Choose the location method that meets your long term goals.


GCS will provide staff and management services several ways:

  • In one of our U.S. based GCS centers
  • On-Premise at your existing site
  • Off-Site in a new center location designed for and approved by you.
  • With Dispersed agents located in a combination of At-Home and on-site locations

GCS is flexible and has managed various programs over the years. If you are not sure of the best option, discuss your needs with us and we can propose the best solution for meeting your objectives.


GCS can provide any combination of sites to meet your goals. Large programs can be managed across multiple sites, including integration with client sites. Multiple programs can exist in one of our centers or an entire center may be dedicated to a specific client. We work with you to find the best solution for your needs.


When maintaining on-going operations, a dispersed back office operation is smart. With multiple sites, back-up sites and At-Home Agents, you can make sure your call center remains effective, no matter the situation facing a specific area.

Some programs are not as sensitive and we have other options for continuing operations without the need for additional locations.

Call one of our consultants and let’s discuss the best arrangement for your needs.