Consumers who deal with businesses over the phone hate it when they can’t easily communicate with the person on the other end of the line. That is assuming they get to talk to a person instead of a recording in the first place.

Be the business that stands out by offering better customer service. Rely on our team of Contact Center professionals to provide excellent customer service. We do this by:

  • Careful Agent Selection to match the required skills and attitude.
  • Daily Education and Coaching to continually improve performance.
  • A sensible blend of self-service and live customer interaction.
  • A Managed Back Office Processing (MBOP) approach to your program.

GCS clients know we will deliver 5-Star Customer Service their customers will notice


Contact Center Management

Listen, Watch, Go

We understand contact centers and back office operations. Our process and methods are reliable. All we need to know is the client’s culture, products, and services. We learn that by relying on the “Listen, Watch, and Go” method. First, we LISTEN and observe how the operations are currently run. Then we build out our process to match and invite the client to WATCH us. When they are completely satisfied, we GO and fully implant the program.

However, it doesn’t stop there. We have an on-going process for improvement and innovations of the program. The client approves all of the changes.


Our aim is to balance customer satisfaction with your company’s goals. We understand things will change and provide flexibility and input based on our decades of experience. We’ve worked with organizations in both the public and private sector. No matter the scope of a contract, our focus is on improving the delivery process of superior customer service for our clients.


While we can provide worldwide solutions, here are some reasons why we think U.S. based call centers are successful:

  • Proximity is important. Customers like speaking to folks like them. We regularly like meeting with our clients. We want our client’s input and love to see them in our centers.
  • U.S. agents easily understand the American dialects and cultural diversities.
  • Our decades of experience in the U.S. market result in staff trained to be more amicable, sensitive, and engaging with the customers.

Details such as these make a big difference when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Personalized Service

The intimate size of our company means you get personalized service and access to our entire GCS management team, from the technology gurus to our operations team, to our CEO. We’ve successfully managed cold cut-overs in 700 employee centers and we’ve located and opened new centers in under 40 days. We routinely dispatch our senior management team to visit personally with our clients and spend meaningful time in our centers.

Security You Can Rely On

You will find security at every level of GCS. Our physical centers require identification and clearance to enter. We design all processes with security in mind. We train employees on proper procedures to ensure compliance. Data and recordings are encrypted and securely stored. Conversations and keystrokes are audited and reviewed. We carefully match all client security requirements.

The focus on quality and compliance of our BPO centers has enabled us to pass every security and process audit. We have a record of accomplishment of exemplary security practices to protect your sensitive business data.

Contact Us

We want to hear from you, so reach out to us today. We understand the importance of doing the little things right. When you see how important our they are to us, you’ll know your customers are in the right hands.