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Process Design

A consumer is happy when you correctly handle their problem. The client is happy when you handle all their consumers that way. How do get your people, channels, and data, to consistently meet the client’s standards?

GCS can help. We are process experts in the contact center. We design compliant processes for any phase of your operation. We create effective training programs for your employees. We design Quality Assurance programs that can monitor all communications and alert for any issues. We analyze the data to provide continuous improvement. We audit systems for Compliance and provide Certification for employees.

On-Site Training

call center training GCS provides training and coaching programs that work. We also make learning fun with multi-media and hands-on exercises. We use extensive role-play to practice the skills. We repeat techniques to help them lock in the concepts. We look for them to transfer the “theory” into the “real life” environment.

Simulation of real experiences is critical to get buy-in of the solutions. The simulation phase uses real-life scenarios in a test environment to accomplish three primary objectives:


Objective Expected Result
Simulate All Customer Contact Scenarios Test the ability to locate the appropriate information and respond correctly to all types of inquiry.
Simulate All System Contact Scenarios Test the knowledge of the resources available. Show their ability to navigate the system. Be able to obtain and deliver the appropriate information – in a customer focused way.
Simulate Difficult Customer Contact Scenarios Test the service skills to make sure they can diffuse the situation, and respond appropriately.

At the end of each training session, we debrief with the employee to let them ask any questions and set goals for their performance going forward.

If you would like some ideas to improve your training program, give us a call, or contact us today.


Compliance begins before anyone communicates with a customer. At GCS, we take every step to ensure your center is 100% compliant. We believe strong compliance helps deliver an excellent customer experience with each and every contact.

Here are a few areas of training and compliance where we can help:

  • State, county and local laws and regulations
  • Federal Agency and Regulatory bodies – (CFPB, FTC, FCC, FISMA, etc.)
  • Client requirements
  • Security and Data Protection
  • PCI DSS Compliant
  • PACE Standards
  • Industry Specific Organizations
  • Comprehensive Call Quality Monitoring Process
  • Screen and voice recording capabilities
  • In-house Quality Assurance Team
  • Third-party and Client Verification Services

call center compliance

Independent Quality Assurance

GCS provides independent Quality Assurance services for contact centers. Use our team to assist with both agent improvement and compliance. We check for things like:

contact center QA

  • Proof of enrollment/purchase
  • Agent performance (tone, pitch, rate, listening skills, etc.)
  • Adherence to the client’s message
  • Compliance to all applicable laws & regulations
  • Proper handling of requests
  • Correct disposition of call/log of follow-up
  • Requests and permissions to contact

If you want to learn more about how compliance and training can lead to improved performance and happier customers in your center, give us a call.