Improve Your Customer’s Experience, Increase Your Visitors

Who is GCS?

GCS is an industry leader in providing turn-key, US-based contact center solutions for mid-size to Fortune 50 clients.  If you are considering a change in your contact center and back office operations, our expertise and solutions can potentially save you millions of dollars and dynamically improve your customer experience.

Improve Your Customer’s Experience, Increase Your Visitors

When you’re in the travel and tourism business, your primary focus is seemingly simple – increase visitors to your brand’s final destination.

But, it’s so much more complicated than that, isn’t it? We hear you.

Those who work in these industries know that increasing visitors has a lot to do with continually improving and optimizing the customer’s experience. And that experience is well-informed by the service he or she receives.

Nobody understands customer service experience better than our team at GCS Agents.

With over 25 years in the contact center business, here’s what we know for sure – world-class, customer service needs to be a smart balance between sophisticated, efficient technology and the most personal human touch capable of guiding the customer to take action. THAT will increase the number of visitors to your final destination. No question.

To find that balance and make that kind of success more possible, your contact center needs to track important key performance indicators (KPIs).

KPIs can be divided into three categories – efficiency, performance and quality.


Understanding Efficiency

Many contact centers measure efficiency simply by looking at how quickly a call is answered. The faster you can answer the phones, the faster you can book guests, right? Well, almost.

While Average Speed of Answer is certainly an efficiency metric worth tracking, that metric doesn’t tell the whole story. There are other efficiency KPIs your contact center needs to measure and manage for short-term bookings and long-term brand success. A great example of another efficiency KPI? Utilization Rate.

Utilization Rate

In a call center, Utilization Rate is measured by comparing the average handle time (talk time plus any after-call work) to time the call representative is on the clock.

Here’s how that plays out: If a representative has 6 hours of handle time, compared to 8 hours on the clock, the Utilization Rate is 75%.


Understanding Performance

The difference between effectiveness and efficiency can be summed up very simply: Efficiency is about doing things right; Effectiveness is about doing the right things.

While efficiency metrics provide insight into how well you’re utilizing your resources, performance metrics can give insights into how effectively your center is operating. In general, we want to focus on efficiency with things and effectiveness with people.

First Call Resolution is one of the important KPIs for understanding the intersection of performance, efficiency and effectiveness.


First Call Resolution

Answering a customer’s question or solving their problem on the first call leads to fewer calls coming into the call center. Rates for First Call Resolution will vary depending on the type of center, but with lower call volume and happier customers, your call center is operating effectively and performing well.


Understanding Quality

The third element in the formula for call center success is quality. Quality is just that – delivering an exceptional experience to and for your customers.

One important – if not THE most important – quality metric worth measuring is customer satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

One of the largest quality measurements is customer satisfaction, often measured with a CSATt or a Net Promoter score. This score can be determined by following up with a live, IVR or email/text post-call survey to measure overall satisfaction.

The surveys can take place directly after the call, your customer can call into them once the call is completed, or someone from your call center can follow up with customers. Post-call surveys, where clients wait on the line after their agent drops off, get a higher percentage of utilization from customers. By measuring the overall satisfaction of your clients, you can make improvements where needed.

Similarly, you can use post reservation surveys to help rate the experience and remind the customer where it was booked.


Why We Measure Efficiency, Performance & Quality KPIs

There’s no question measuring efficiency, performance and quality will lead to success. So, what’s success look like? Yes, it’s improved customer service or more visits booked, more efficiently. But, here are just a couple of not-so-obvious possibilities:

  • Staffing appropriately at peak hours to address call volume efficiently
  • Implementing creative solutions to avoid ineffective use of labor
  • Providing deeper customer service by cross-training representatives on different call types (i.e. visitors who are calling to make reservations vs. visitors who need immediate service)
  • Happier contact center representatives
  • Happier customers

The definition of success will be different for each contact center. But the balance of these metrics – efficiency, performance, and quality – will lead to success and the potential to increase your number of visitors.


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