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The GCS approach to contact center management works for hospitality & transportation services

GCS is Focused on Hospitality Call Centers

We work closely with you to understand your hospitality and transportation products and services. Then we apply your information to our process to provide an excellent customer experience at an extremely competitive price.


How it Works

Give your customers travel and reservation support that is easy to access, responsive to flexible schedules and scalable to handle demand fluctuations. From reservations to directions, we provide support for any platform or application. Our technology team will make sure the data stays connected and secure.

Our process of great customer service begins with the customer in mind. We work with you to determine the type of customer experience required to meet expectations, deliver as promised, and keep your customers coming back for more. We deliver an exceptional experience designed to protect your organization’s reputation and separate you from the competition. GCS has the size, multi-channel experience, and “nimbility” to deliver outstanding customer care and support at a price that will please your bottom line.

Likewise, strong sales growth comes from great customer service. Our customer service training delights your consumer, instills confidence in your product while connecting with the user in a helpful way to uncover and address other needs. GCS makes sure our selling skills are sharp to keep your top line growth.

Is GCS a Good Fit For You?

Kinds of Companies

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