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Greg Alcorn

Greg founded GCS in 2001. His vision was to create a direct marketing organization that would exceed client expectations while enriching the lives of associates and their communities. Today, Greg remains focused on building an organization that has, as its foundation, three strategic anchors:

  1. Delivering the most professional presentations in the contact center industry
  2. Providing an experienced, proactive client services team
  3. Supporting an accurate and responsive information technology team

A visionary and the consummate entrepreneur, Greg owned and operated several other high-performing businesses in the insurance and direct marketing industries prior to founding GCS. As the former President of one of the country’s largest teleservices companies, he was instrumental in establishing key client relationships that resulted in the growth of that organization from two to 2,000 associates over a 10-year period.

Articles By Greg Alcorn

Call Center Staffing Agencies: 5 Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

Building a successful business takes more than a good business idea. You need to have the right people to support your vision, execute your plans, and work with your customers. The problem arises when you know you need to fill specific roles, but you do not know enough about the job function to make a good hire. That disconnect can cost you, big.

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Why Are Call Centers Outsourced?

The decision to outsource your contact center is not one that you as a company should ever take lightly. It is a major decision – after all, you are trusting a part of your business and its operations to another company. Your contact center is often the first line of communications your business has with first-time buyers and customers who have had an issue with your products or services. Choose the wrong call center outsourcing company and it could miss the opportunity to grow your relationship and reputation with your customers.

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Call Center Outsourcing Companies: 5 Things to Expect From Your Vendor

Once you have decided to outsource your company’s contact center activities to someone else, the research begins. You will find that there are many vendors out there, but that doesn’t mean that all, or even most of them, will be a good match for your organization. Aside from more subjective strengths and weaknesses, outsourcing call centers can differ on very objective measures like their choice of business models – and that can have a lasting impact on your company’s success.

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