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Greg Alcorn

Greg founded GCS in 2001. His vision was to create a direct marketing organization that would exceed client expectations while enriching the lives of associates and their communities. Today, Greg remains focused on building an organization that has, as its foundation, three strategic anchors:

  1. Delivering the most professional presentations in the contact center industry
  2. Providing an experienced, proactive client services team
  3. Supporting an accurate and responsive information technology team

A visionary and the consummate entrepreneur, Greg owned and operated several other high-performing businesses in the insurance and direct marketing industries prior to founding GCS. As the former President of one of the country’s largest teleservices companies, he was instrumental in establishing key client relationships that resulted in the growth of that organization from two to 2,000 associates over a 10-year period.

Articles By Greg Alcorn

Make ‘em cry

  Emotion Plays a Key Role in the Customer Experience You know that moment in the movie where the unexpected emotional moment occurs and tears of joy flow in the audience.  The scene tugs at your heart string.  Why, because everything came together in the production.  Acting, directing, writing…. Everything reaches that climactic point through lots of coordination and coaching.  No, the director didn’t just tell the actors, “go out there and make ‘em cry. Same with customer satisfaction.

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Suspects to Prospects to Clients

Here’s an update on our sales and marketing activities.  Over three months, we are attending five major conferences that have connections with call center services.  At these conferences we have a booth for attendees to drop by, we advertise in their programs and we even presented at one conference. Here are the conferences:  Utility Call Center Conference, International Bridge, Tunnel and Toll Association, American Public Transportation Association (APTA), Society of Customer Service Professionals and Association of State Highway Officials.

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Kids say the darndest things…

…and so do adults.  Back in the 1960’s, Art Linkletter had a variety show that included interviews with children.  When a child said something unexpected, Linkletter would say his then famous line – Kids say the darndest things.  We’re not sure if “darndest” was or is a word, but everybody understood.

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