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Greg Alcorn

Greg founded GCS in 2001. His vision was to create a direct marketing organization that would exceed client expectations while enriching the lives of associates and their communities. Today, Greg remains focused on building an organization that has, as its foundation, three strategic anchors:

  1. Delivering the most professional presentations in the contact center industry
  2. Providing an experienced, proactive client services team
  3. Supporting an accurate and responsive information technology team

A visionary and the consummate entrepreneur, Greg owned and operated several other high-performing businesses in the insurance and direct marketing industries prior to founding GCS. As the former President of one of the country’s largest teleservices companies, he was instrumental in establishing key client relationships that resulted in the growth of that organization from two to 2,000 associates over a 10-year period.

Articles By Greg Alcorn

Smart Ways to Improve Every Relationship with Soft Skills Training

Everyone says dumb things from time to time. They fail to listen to important details or respond to certain questions. They accidentally miss a particularly telling tone of voice. It happens to everyone. These little slip-ups may only make you cringe when you catch yourself committing a faux-pas like that with a friendly neighbor or the coffee barista. However, the consequences are a much bigger deal in the business world, especially in customer care situations.

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Call Center Outsourcing Services: Dedicated vs. Shared Agents

Once you make a decision to outsource or contract out your call center activities, you have a choice to make. You will need to decide what type of agent you want working on behalf of your company. You can achieve your required service levels with any configuration. However, the type of call center outsourcing services you choose will shape the pricing of the service. It influences how calls are handled, the cost of extended customer support hours, and the level of service your agents can provide. There are three basic types of call center representatives. Some agents are dedicated to your project exclusively while others are blended or shared. In this article, we are going to review each one in turn and discuss how opting for one support model over another will impact your business.

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Call Center Companies: 6 Factors to Consider When Outsourcing

What do you think of when you hear the word “outsourcing”? Many of our clients tell us that while they knew that other companies outsourced some of their services to outside vendors, to them, the practice always seemed impersonal – until they got to know GCS.

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