Strategic Partnerships

Experience, Size & Flexibility

GCS is interested in strategic partnerships with government contractors at all levels. By combining our strengths, we provide a more competitive and effective solution. Realizing each situation is unique, we welcome the opportunity to discuss a partnership to provide better solutions.

With many years of experience, GCS offers the same level of capabilities found in a large company without the impersonal support. At GCS, we provide you with a dedicated partner manager and a more personal and responsive partner team. Our senior management has full knowledge of the relationship and shares a vested interest in the outcome. We take a long-term view to partnering with a laser focus on landing the current opportunity while keeping an eye on the horizon for ways to expand our business together.

With GCS handling the back-office requirements, our partners can focus time and resources on their core areas of ability. Our shared experiences make us both stronger and provide a better solution for the department or agency.

Our early years of competitive survival in the corporate world honed our ability to provide cost-competitive solutions and sustainable profit margins. Our background with a diverse client base has developed a deep level of knowledge in technologies, platforms and services. We can adapt quickly to support a partner’s technology solution or provide one for the team.

Here are just a few ways our contact center outsourcing can help:

  • IT, Software and Engineering Companies – Let us handle the help desk, web/app support, enterprise service desk or tech support for your next big installation.
  • Web and App Designers – We can provide top-notch customer service, content moderation and lead follow-up for your projects.
  • Printing Operations – We manage fulfillment, follow-up and contact center enrollment for your large programs.
  • Consultants and Higher Learning – We can make market research survey calls, canvass large areas and provide case management for grants, consultations, A&E, censuses, projects and studies.
  • Defense and Security – We provide monitoring support, call center bureaus, image matching and emergency response centers for your critical programs.
  • Telecommunications and Utility Providers – We can support your customer base with customer Sservice, enrollment and billing support.

Our background

We understand the need for security and compliance. Our background includes work in the insurance and financial markets, where we had to protect millions of customer data records. Data security is a top priority. In the workstation, all calls are recorded and activities logged. We are well-versed in compliance and have passed every audit.

Our facilities are secured from unauthorized entry. Camera security and guard surveillance are available when required.

GCS is flexible, responsive and experienced. Contact us to begin the strategic conversation today.