Past performances

Faced with escalating costs, poor employee morale and declining customer satisfaction.

With customers frustrated by wait times in excess of 60 minutes, employees demotivated and management disengaged, this Transportation Agency’s Customer Service Center (CSC) was in need of a major overhaul. GCS helped by creating a Public Private Partnership that resulted in dramatic customer service improvements.

The Challenges

A large metropolitan Transportation Agency (Agency) was faced with declining service levels amidst growing volume in its Customer Service Center (CSC). Years ago, Agency had decided to outsource the management of its CSC to a third-party who also managed the Agency’s fleet of vehicles. While vehicle management was this third-party’s core competency, management of a CSC was not. In the CSC, agent morale had deteriorated causing poor attendance, inferior work habits and negative customer interactions. The results were extremely long wait times and low customer satisfaction levels.

The Transportation Agency conducted an 18-month long selection process to find a new firm to run its CSC. In its Request for Proposal, Agency clearly outlined its expectations for improved Service Levels, high Customer Satisfaction and strict Budget Adherence. After reviewing proposals from a dozen companies and after oral presentations from a short-list of 4, Agency selected GCS to turn around its struggling CSC.

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Customer Service Experts

By turning to customer service experts to staff and manage reservations and service issue resolution, this transit agency inherited a new culture able to maintain local employment, meet all service levels and delight the customers all while reducing cost and removing daily service center headaches. As agencies work with the public sector for real solutions to managing communication, human resources and cost, they should consider the benefits of sourcing the call center as a separate entity to gain real expertise in the most effective ways to communicate with customers.

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