The Experience of Yesterday, the Knowledge for Tomorrow

GCS blends proven, legacy processes with innovative management approaches and contact center technology. GCS specializes in contact center workflow and process design. Our experience covers a wide array of government and commercial settings and cultures. We have supported clients nationally and internationally.

Our team is highly experienced. We bring you leaders in their respective areas of process design, operations, technology and telephony, human resources, training, and customer service. We support your program through a proven GCS business model:

  • Our core management team has worked together for over 10 years – and is still going strong.
  • We are recognized in the industry, including our recent BenchmarkPortal designation as the #1 Call Center in North America.
  • Our approach is collaborative, efficient and results-driven.
  • We have a unique customer service approach and gladly share our methods.

Below are some of our experiences. Contact us for more information.

Large Contact Center

We staff and manage a 600+ seat reservation and customer call center for a large metropolitan agency. Since we began working with the client, we have provided improvements in process flow, customer service focus, workforce scheduling/utilization, technology training and hiring assessments.

This center handles over 30,000 calls and emails each day for reservations and same-day customer service for the municipal customers. Many of the customers have disabilities, so accurate and timely processing of data and information is mission-critical. Customer service representatives (CSRs) must have skills in logistics, GPS map interpretation, critical thinking, crisis management and database sourcing.

Our process and management approach enable the workforce to exceed all service level agreements (SLAs) on a regular basis. Our recruiting, testing, selection, training and retention programs have been showcased to the customer for providing on-time and under-budget performance.

Multi-Site Program Management

GCS has been the contractor for several large bank and insurance customers, providing multi-site customer service and sales for their related products. These programs require scalable service and professional interactions with customers across a wide product base. Our service is high-touch and customer-focused, serving both consumer and business customers.

Compliance and data security are key issues due to the large amount of customer data. Programs operate from secure facilities and record all communication and activities. Licensed agents are required for insurance products.

Key areas of performance

  • Scalable Customer Care Operation – up to 500 employees
  • Detailed Service and Secure Customer Data – multiple products, variation in products, large customer base
  • Complex – agents had to have specific skill sets based on product and residence of customer
  • Compliance – Licensing by state and product line; insurance regulations
  • Multi-Language

Consulting for Change in a Large College System

GCS conducted a comprehensive, on-site evaluation for the call center of one of the nation’s largest community college systems. The evaluation process hinged on dual missions of:

  • Identifying and improving processes within the existing framework of the call center, and
  • Identifying and obtaining best-of-class benchmarks and practices used by peer institutions

Process-improvement recommendations were segmented into five areas: Recruiting/Assessment, Training/Communication, Operations, Reporting and Technology. GCS provided subject-matter experts in each of these five areas to uncover areas of opportunity and provide implementation plans and key performance metrics for sustaining efficiency over time.

Recommendations included a through benchmarking of the center to over 90 industry peers. The results were presented to the client for help in decision-making, goal-setting and resource requests.

Our report provided financially backed suggestions for building additional capabilities on the existing strong foundation in place. These suggestions provided a game plan for ways to:

  • increase customer service and utilization of the call center
  • add contact channels to match customer preferences
  • better use existing technologies through reorganization and training
  • reorganize and reschedule existing staff resources
  • select a management team capable of daily operational oversight

Implementation of the call center recommendations were calculated to increase the number of meaningful call center interactions with students and prospects by over 30% annually. This led to an increases in applications, enrollment, retention and completion, the key goals of the organization.

Back-Office Outsourcing

GCS provided back-office processing for a leading provider of information services to government and commercial customers. GCS was selected to transition back-office tasks from company facilities to a contractor-staffed center. Tasks included data entry, image modification, website data capture, and phone interviews and background checks. In total, there were over 40 agents on the program.

Over a 60-day transition, GCS studied and documented the client operations. We selected agents based on the required skills sets. Our IT team set up secure access to their systems. The client trained our training staff and spent the first month on-site watching our performance to make sure it met their standards. Then GCS assumed control of the operation and began improving performance and efficiency. Due to the changes we made, our agents became very proficient with the tasks and outperformed the client’s in-house teams in many areas.

Listed below are some of the current and past performances for GCS.

Contact Center and Back Office Operations – Services Outsourced to GCS

  • Customer Advocates – voice, IVR, email, website entry
  • Customer Service – voice, IVR, email, texting
  • Website/App Support – voice, email, chat
  • Reservations – voice, IVR, email, website entry
  • Same-Day Issues – voice, IVR
  • Complaint/Compliment Management – voice, web, email, USPS
  • Employee Hotline – voice, email
  • Customer Eligibility – voice, walk-in, email
  • Scheduling – voice, IVR, text, app
  • Workforce Management
  • Recruiting – traditional, social, face-to-face
  • Training – live, LMS, daily coaching program
  • Quality Assurance
  • IT Help Desk

Consulting Services Provided by GCS

  • Site Selection
  • Consolidation Plan
  • Budgeting and Break-Even Analysis
  • Workflow and Process Redesign

Technology Specifications

  • Call Center Technology
  • Voice, IVR, CRM
  • Back-Office Design
  • Disaster Prevention (and Recovery)

Vendor Selection

  • Diversity/Inclusion
  • Facility Setup
  • Initial Staffing

Operations Setup and Documentation

  • Build – Operate – Transfer
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Training – Soft Skills and Communications, Live Content, Video, LMS