Delivering Benefits

Government agencies are under pressure to operate efficiently while increasing service to the customer. There is a growing expectation to communicate clearly, respond quickly and provide a consistent message in all channels. GCS helps our clients meet the expectations of the groups they serve.

Since 2001, Global Contact Services has provided the expertise needed to successfully manage the people, process and technology for running contact centers and back-office support operations to support these responsibilities.

Delivering Benefits

We are focused on three things:

  1. Staffing and management of contracted operations to meet all requirements
  2. Operational excellence that improves service and lowers the cost of operations
  3. Consulting and advisory services for in-house client operations

Our clients gain significant improvement in the performance and responsiveness of their organizations. We hire the right people and manage them for peak performance. We closely control the process and monitor the activity to meet the standards. We integrate the technology – existing and new – to accomplish a high-quality, repetitive and scalable outcome.

Our dedicated account managers work closely with the client to ensure results meet expectations. We pride ourselves on being on time and on budget.

GCS provides scaled solutions from full turnkey operations to consulting support for captive or contracted centers.

GCS Agents

Contact Center and Operational Support Services

The volume of calls, emails and faxes coming into the offices of government agencies and companies continues to rise. Add chat and text session monitoring, videoconferencing, and web app support, and you have a communications tangle. Global Contact Services solves the problem by keeping you in touch with your customer – no matter the channel. We manage, staff and operate contact centers of all sizes. Whether done in one of our centers, managed in a government owned facility or dispersed as home agents, we deliver your message as intended and in a consistent manner, regardless of the channel.

Our flexible models are designed to work in the environment that you need.

We can:

  • Manage the work on-premises in a Government Owned Facility (GOF)
  • Use our off-premises, secure contact center with dedicated or blended staff
  • Provide a dispersed or specialized skill model with at-home agents
  • Hybrid models to meet overflow, after hours, emergency and international needs

We provide the people, process and technology to increase performance and satisfy all requirements, while providing the lowest cost and best value among technology options. All customer channels and messages are integrated, secure and compliant. Contact GCS today to manage your contact center and operational support needs.


Consulting Services

Our consultation and advisory services help you improve the effectiveness, efficiency and cost of your current contact center. Our management team has over 30 years of contact center and operations support experience in a wide range of industries. That lifelong experience coupled with data-driven analysis provides real-life solutions to your biggest contact center headaches. We work with you to improve your results, whether you operate the center or contract the operation with someone else. Listed below are ways we can help.


Consulting Services

Business Drivers

  • Meet Call Center SLAs
  • Reduce Agent Turnover
  • Move more Customer Service to Self Service
  • Redesign/Build Contact Center
  • Reduce Data and Regulation Risk
  • Increase First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • Expand Customer Channels
  • Subcontract Back Office Processes
  • Improve Customer Service Skills
  • Reduce Customer Service Costs
  • Heal a Toxic Call Center Culture
  • Prepare for Call Center Disaster
  • Makeover of the Facility
  • Operational Location Consolidation
  • Contact Center Scalability
  • Facility and Data Protection
  • Increase First Language (L1) support


  • Outsourcing Selection or Specifications
  • Managed Services for Government Owned Facilities
  • Compliance and Audit Services
  • Management and Agent Training
  • Multi-Channel Implementation
  • Public Private Options
  • Contractor Management or Assessment
  • Human Capital Management
  • Contact Center Interventions
  • Managed IVR solutions
  • Disaster Preparedness Plans
  • Technology Selection
  • Cost Containment Modeling
  • Overflow and Seasonal Management
  • Social Media Moderation

GCS will come to your facility, conduct the needed investigation and provide a documented game plan for correcting the problem. We even provide project or implementation management and services to give you the oversight or needed resources to fix the issue. Engage the GCS team to work with you.