GCS provides professional contact centers, customer service and operational support. Our process-oriented focus allows us to support the diverse initiatives of Federal, State and Local Governments Agencies, Organizations and Contracting Partners. From contact centers to feet-on-the-street, Our staff delivers exceptional customer service and operational support at a cost-effective level.


In our complex world where the public is more empowered than ever, every customer service interaction is critical. With a high level of precision, we are able to break down the multiple processes, streamline them into specific tasks and manage the tasks to achieve the desired result – each time. It is this passion for precision that enables us to efficiently and effectively perform to our clients’ requirements.  Read More

Clients/Past Performances

GCS has served government agencies, municipal organizations and contractors, both nationally and internationally. Our state, municipal and NGO clients are the leaders in public transportation, technology, education and finance.  Read More

Clients/Past Performances

GCS now provides on-line soft-skills training.

GCS now provides on-line soft-skills training. See our demo here.


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GCS is interested in strategic partnerships, ventures and pilots aimed at expanding solutions for government and public sector contracting. Our size, resources and flexibility make us a logical teaming partner.  Read More


GCS provides large-company services with a small-company touch. Our professional staff is easy to work with and dedicated to taking care of you AND meeting your needs. Contact Us

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