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The GCS approach to contact center management works for federal & local government services

Assisting Agencies with a Better Way to Serve the Citizens

GCS provides professional contact centers, customer service and operational support. Our process-oriented focus allows us to support the diverse initiatives of Federal, State and Local Governments Agencies, Organizations and Contracting Partners. From contact centers to feet-on-the-street staff, our team delivers exceptional customer service and operational support at a cost-effective level.


How it Works

We serve as both prime and subcontractor. In either case, our goal is the same – learn your mission, understand your goals, and make sure to deliver. We offer contact center services in multiple languages, are technology agnostic, and bring energy and experience to the team. Complex operations, back office elements and customer facing positions are part of the solutions we provide.

We staff and manage both dedicated and consolidated centers. We operate Government owned (GOCO) and Contractor owned (COCO) models. GCS is an easy partner to have on your team.


In our complex world where the public is more empowered than ever, every customer service interaction is critical. With a high level of precision, we are able to break down the multiple processes, streamline them into specific tasks and manage the tasks to achieve the desired result – each time. It is this passion for precision that enables us to efficiently and effectively perform to our clients’ requirements.

Delivering Benefits

Government agencies are under pressure to operate efficiently while increasing service to the customer. There is a growing expectation to communicate clearly, respond quickly and provide a consistent message in all channels. GCS helps our clients meet the expectations of the groups they serve.

Since 2001, Global Contact Services has provided the expertise needed to successfully manage the people, process and technology for running contact centers and back-office support operations to support these responsibilities.

Contact Center and Operational Support Services

The volume of calls, emails, and faxes coming into the offices of government agencies and companies continues to rise. Add chat and text session monitoring, video conferencing, and web app support, and you have a communications tangle. Global Contact Services solves the problem by keeping you in touch with your customer – no matter the channel. We manage, staff and operate contact centers of all sizes. Whether done in one of our centers, managed in a government-owned facility or dispersed as home agents, we deliver your message as intended and in a consistent manner, regardless of the channel.

Our flexible models are designed to work in the environment that you need.

We can:

  • Manage the work on-premises in a Government Owned Facility (GOF)
  • Use our off-premises, secure contact center with dedicated or blended staff
  • Provide a dispersed or specialized skill model with at-home agents
  • Hybrid models to meet overflow, after hours, emergency and international needs

We provide the people, process and technology to increase performance and satisfy all requirements while providing the lowest cost and best value among technology options. All customer channels and messages are integrated, secure and compliant. Contact GCS today to manage your contact center and operational support needs.

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Consulting Services

Our consultation and advisory services help you improve the effectiveness, efficiency and cost of your current contact center. Our management team has over 30 years of contact center and operations support experience in a wide range of industries. That lifelong experience coupled with data-driven analysis provides real-life solutions to your biggest contact center headaches. We work with you to improve your results, whether you operate the center or contract the operation with someone else. Listed below are ways we can help.

Business Drivers

  • Meet Call Center SLAs
  • Reduce Agent Turnover
  • Move more Customer Service to Self Service
  • Redesign/Build Contact Center
  • Reduce Data and Regulation Risk
  • Increase First Call Resolution (FCR)
  • Expand Customer Channels
  • Subcontract Back Office Processes
  • Improve Customer Service Skills
  • Reduce Customer Service Costs
  • Heal a Toxic Call Center Culture
  • Prepare for Call Center Disaster
  • Makeover of the Facility
  • Operational Location Consolidation
  • Contact Center Scalability
  • Facility and Data Protection
  • Increase First Language (L1) support


  • Outsourcing Selection or Specifications
  • Managed Services for Government Owned Facilities
  • Compliance and Audit Services
  • Management and Agent Training
  • Multi-Channel Implementation
  • Public Private Options
  • Contractor Management or Assessment
  • Human Capital Management
  • Contact Center Interventions
  • Managed IVR solutions
  • Disaster Preparedness Plans
  • Technology Selection
  • Cost Containment Modeling
  • Overflow and Seasonal Management
  • Social Media Moderation

Clients/Past Performances.

GCS has served government agencies, municipal organizations and contractors, both nationally and internationally. Our state, municipal and NGO clients are the leaders in public transportation, technology, education and finance

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The Experience of Yesterday, the Knowledge for Tomorrow

GCS blends proven, legacy processes with innovative management approaches and contact center technology. GCS specializes in contact center workflow and process design. Our experience covers a wide array of government and commercial settings and cultures. We bring you leaders in their respective areas of process design, operations, technology and telephony, human resources, training, and customer service. We support your program through a proven GCS business model:

  • Our core management team has worked together for over 10 years – and is still going strong.
  • We are recognized in the industry, including our recent BenchmarkPortal designation as the #1 Call Center in North America.
  • Our approach is collaborative, efficient and results-driven.
  • We have a unique customer service approach and gladly share our methods.

Large Contact Center

We staff and manage a 600+ seat reservation and customer call center for a large metropolitan agency. Since we began working with the client, we have provided improvements in process flow, customer service focus, workforce scheduling/utilization, technology training and hiring assessments.

This center handles over 30,000 calls and emails each day for reservations and same-day customer service for the municipal customers. Many of the customers have disabilities, so accurate and timely processing of data and information is mission-critical. Customer service representatives (CSRs) must have skills in logistics, GPS map interpretation, critical thinking, crisis management and database sourcing.

Our process and management approach enable the workforce to exceed all service level agreements (SLAs) on a regular basis. Our recruiting, testing, selection, training and retention programs have been showcased by the client for providing on-time and under-budget performance.

Multi-Site Program Management

GCS has been the contractor for several large bank and insurance customers, providing multi-site customer service and sales for their related products. These programs require scalable service and professional interactions with customers across a wide product base. Our service is high-touch and customer-focused, serving both consumer and business customers.

Compliance and data security are key issues due to the large amount of customer data. Programs operate from secure facilities and record all communication and activities. Licensed agents are required for insurance products.

Key areas of performance

  • Scalable Customer Care Operation – over 500 employees in multiple locations
  • Detailed Service and Secure Customer Data – multiple products, variation in products, large customer base
  • Complex – agents had to have specific skill sets based on product and residence of the customer
  • Compliance – Licensing by state and product line; insurance regulations
  • Multi-Language

Consulting for Change in a Large College System

GCS conducted a comprehensive, on-site evaluation for the call center of one of the nation’s largest community college systems. The evaluation process hinged on dual missions of:

  • Identifying and improving processes within the existing framework of the call center, and
  • Identifying and obtaining best-of-class benchmarks and practices used by peer institutions

Process-improvement recommendations were segmented into five areas: Recruiting/Assessment, Training/Communication, Operations, Reporting and Technology. GCS provided subject-matter experts in each of these five areas to uncover areas of opportunity and provide implementation plans and key performance metrics for sustaining efficiency over time.

Recommendations included a through benchmarking of the center to over 90 industry peers. The results were presented to the client for help in decision-making, goal-setting and resource requests.

Our report provided financially backed suggestions for building additional capabilities on the existing strong foundation in place. These suggestions provided a game plan for ways to:

  • increase customer service and utilization of the call center
  • add contact channels to match customer preferences
  • better use existing technologies through reorganization and training
  • reorganize and reschedule existing staff resources
  • select a management team capable of daily operational oversight

Implementation of the call center recommendations were calculated to increase the number of meaningful call center interactions with students and prospects by over 30% annually. This led to an increases in applications, enrollment, retention and completion, the key goals of the organization.

Back-Office Outsourcing

GCS provided back-office processing for a leading provider of information services to government and commercial customers. GCS was selected to transition back-office tasks from company facilities to a contractor-staffed center. Tasks included data entry, image modification, website data capture, and phone interviews and background checks. In total, there were over 40 agents on the program.

Over a 60-day transition, GCS studied and documented the client operations. We selected agents based on the required skill sets. Our IT team set up secure access to their systems. The client conducted train-the-trainer with our training staff and spent the first month on-site watching our performance to make sure it met their standards. Then GCS assumed control of the operation and began improving performance and efficiency. Due to the changes we made, our agents became very proficient with the tasks and outperformed the client’s in-house teams in many areas.

Contact Center and Back Office Operations – Services Outsourced to GCS

  • Customer Advocates – voice, IVR, email, website entry
  • Customer Service – voice, IVR, email, texting
  • Website/App Support – voice, email, chat
  • Reservations – voice, IVR, email, website entry
  • Scheduling and Dispatch
  • Same-Day Issues – voice, IVR
  • Complaint/Compliment Management – voice, web, email, USPS
  • Employee Hotline – voice, email
  • Customer Eligibility – voice, walk-in, email
  • Employee Notifications – voice, IVR, text, app
  • Workforce Management
  • Recruiting – traditional, social, face-to-face
  • Training – live, LMS, daily coaching program
  • Quality Assurance
  • IT Help Desk

Consulting Services Provided by GCS

  • Site Selection
  • Consolidation/Expansion Planning
  • Budgeting and Break-Even Analysis
  • Workflow and Process Redesign
  • Training Process and Programs

Technology Specifications

  • Call Center Technology
  • Voice, IVR, CRM
  • Back-Office Design
  • Disaster Prevention (and Recovery)

Vendor Selection

  • Diversity/Inclusion
  • Facility Setup
  • Initial Staffing

Operations Setup and Documentation

  • Build – Operate – Transfer of centers
  • Standard Operating Procedure Development
  • Voice of the Customer programs
  • Quality Assurance programs and services
  • Training – Soft Skills and Communications, Live Content, Video, LMS


GCS is interested in strategic partnerships, ventures and pilots aimed at expanding solutions for government and public sector contracting. Our size, resources and flexibility make us a logical teaming partner.

Experience, Size & Flexibility

GCS is interested in strategic partnerships with government contractors at all levels. By combining our strengths, we provide a more competitive and effective solution. Realizing each situation is unique, we welcome the opportunity to discuss a partnership to provide better solutions.

With many years of experience, GCS offers the same level of capabilities found in a large company without the impersonal support. At GCS, we provide you with a dedicated partner manager and a more personal and responsive partner team. Our senior management has full knowledge of the relationship and shares a vested interest in the outcome. We take a long-term view to partnering with a laser focus on landing the current opportunity while keeping an eye on the horizon for ways to expand our business together.

With GCS handling the back-office requirements, our partners can focus time and resources on their core areas of ability. Our shared experiences make us both stronger and provide a better solution for the department or agency.

Our early years of competitive survival in the corporate world honed our ability to provide cost-competitive solutions and sustainable profit margins. Our background with a diverse client base has developed a deep level of knowledge of technologies, platforms, and services. We can adapt quickly to support a partner’s technology solution or provide one for the team.

Here are just a few ways our contact center outsourcing can help:

  • IT, Software and Engineering Companies – Let us handle the help desk, web/app support, enterprise service desk or tech support for your next big installation. Includes voice, IVR, chat, text, email and video support.
  • Transit Organizations - Let GCS manage your back-office functions in paratransit centralized service configuration. We can handle reservations, where's my ride, scheduling, dispatch, and control center functions. We also assist with fixed-route customer service, sales, and internal/employee hotlines. 
  • Web and App Designers – We can provide top-notch customer service, content moderation and lead follow-up for your projects.
  • Print and Mail Operations – We manage fulfillment, follow-up and contact center enrollment for your large programs.
  • Consultants and Higher Learning – We can make market research survey calls, canvass large areas and provide case management for grants, consultations, A&E, censuses, projects, and studies.
  • Defense and Security – We provide monitoring support, call center bureaus, image matching, and emergency response centers for your critical programs.
  • Telecommunications and Utility Providers – We can support your customer base with customer Service, enrollment, collections and billing support.

Our background

We understand the need for security and compliance. Our background includes work in the insurance and financial markets, where we had to protect millions of customer data records. Data security is a top priority. In the workstation, all calls are recorded and activities logged. We are well-versed in compliance and have passed every audit. From PCI-DSS to SOC, to HIPAA, we understand the requirements you need.

Our facilities are secured from unauthorized entry. Internal areas are restricted by role and responsibility. Mobile phones are not permitted on the call center floor and clean desks are enforced when required. Camera security and guard surveillance are available when required.

Is GCS a Good Fit For You?

Kinds of Companies

Contact us for your government call center needs

GCS provides large-company services with a small-company touch. Our professional staff is easy to work with and dedicated to taking care of you AND meeting your needs.