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George Simons

Client Development and Communications- George is responsible for overseeing all the company business development activities and communications. He brings more than 20 years of marketing and customer service experience in the service and manufacturing sectors. He enjoys bringing clients and GCS resources together to provide solutions for their contact center and back office needs.

George is passionate about customer service. He and Greg Alcorn, CEO promote the use of Soft Skills and Empathy in developing better communication that improves customer satisfaction and performance. This includes the creation of the on-line training program, Say This. Not That, Most of the time.™

Articles By George Simons

11 Call Center Innovations You Need Right Now

Businesses are always looking for the competitive edge. After all, in order to keep your customer base it is important to keep your product or service updated. As rapidly as technology can change, it’s imperative to also stay on top of industry trends, pushing your business to the forefront.

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Top Considerations for Contact Center Outsourcing

Thinking about outsourcing your contact center? Here’s everything you need to consider before you start the process. At GCS, we help companies like yours set up call center outsourcing every day. Sometimes, these businesses are growing too fast for them to scale their customer service needs to meet the demand. Other times, they have had a contact center provider in place, but they worried that they were not getting their money’s worth or they were unhappy with the level of customer care. Sometimes they are looking to control or reduce cost with better management and technology. Whatever the case may be, your first priority in contact center outsourcing is to find a vendor that can meet your parameters. Let’s look at these considerations in turn.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Soft Skills Training

When you think of what makes a great customer service agent, what are the first traits that come to mind? It probably isn’t efficiency – that’s just a function of the work. Evaluating your call center representatives on whether they can answer the phone would be like rating doctors on whether they can treat you. Of course, they can. That’s their job. Like doctors, the way contact center people differ is in the WAY they do their jobs. The good ones have soft skills.

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