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Frank Camp

Frank is responsible for overseeing the customer experience and managing the client relationships. His long tenure in the contact center space includes center operations, client development and other key roles. His experience in setting up and managing the process of delivering consistent performance is outstanding. Focused and passionate, Frank ensures his team is bird-dogging the thousands of details required for a successful operation.

Franks background includes many industries including insurance, financial services, transportation, municipal and telecommunications.

Articles By Frank Camp

4 Popular Techniques to Ensure a Successful Call Center

Successful call center management involves more than overseeing the productivity of customer advocates and making sure that customers have their issues resolved – and that fact may be one of the best reasons for you to outsource your contact center activities to a vendor. The right company will partner with you to help you achieve your customer-centric goals, by putting the right attitudes on the phone. The right partner could abolish all of your human resources worries and facility issues while giving you the flexibility to meet changes in customer volume or demand.   Let’s look at some common call center management models and explore some of the ways that contact center vendors fulfill those needs and help you ensure successful call center management.  

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3 Tactics for Managing Call Center Agents More Effectively

Managing a call center requires a solid knowledge of business management concepts, but it also takes something more. Call centers are like nothing else. They are high-volume and customer facing, and they have their own unique set of challenges because of that. To be effective, you need management that knows how to produce at elevated volumes while providing effective customer service. We call this “sanity” - doing the same thing over and over and expecting the SAME result. For each call, a personalized result. One million calls, one person at a time.

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Contact Center Best Practices: 10 Areas of Focus

                  “You will never reach your destination if you throw stones at every dog that barks.”

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