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Customer Service and Call Center Management

GCS Delivers Call Center Management with a Front-Line Focus

At GCS, we focus first and foremost on the front-line staff, because we know that is how to make the biggest improvement to the customer experience. Customer satisfaction is the key to business success. Your call center agents can meet and exceed your customers’ needs when they understand HOW to delight them. That’s why we have all of our agents attend our accredited soft skills training course and it’s why we coach every agent every day. Answering questions and resolving issues with empathy help your customers feel understood and appreciated. We think that better agents mean happier customers.

Receive Expert Guidance

It takes experience to set up a call center and manage it well. Without expert guidance, you could end up an inefficient operation. You might have systems that are not synchronized, documentation that is not tied to your CRM, or a call center that operates without synergies from the rest of your company. Setting up and managing a call center without industry expertise is an uphill battle, and completely unnecessary. You can improve customer satisfaction, increase retention, and reduce costs across the board when you work with a professional call center vendor.

Challenges You're Facing:

“At GCS, our differentiator is our ability to teach as many of our associates as possible about communications skills. Because we’re an audio business, holding conversations over the phone, we do the very best we can to be able to make the most out of every relationship… Our approach to customer service can be characterized by empathetic listening, influence, and positive problem-solving.”

Greg Alcorn, founder, and CEO of GCS, author of 7 Dumb Things We All Say: Smart Ways to Improve Every Relationship

Identify Solution Through Services

Create the Best Customer Experience Possible

When you choose an experienced contact center vendor like GCS, you set yourself up to create the best customer experience possible. Our team can arrange your call center so that it is providing first-class customer service from the start. From agent soft skills to a CRM that integrates with your company systems in real-time, GCS makes a difference. We also work with established contact centers. Let us revamp your existing call center operations so that everything runs more smoothly than ever.

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Help Your Business Grow

Having the right contact center solution in place can help your business grow. In a short time, we will become subject matter experts in your company and its products, so that we have the answers your customers need. GCS can also help you offer a variety of communication channels so that customers who may have been on the fence have an easy way to ask questions. In addition to phone services, we offer IVR and webchat services too. This way, your customers can always reach us.

We also keep you in the loop. You will have access to what is happening in the center. Your Account Manager is your single source of contact. They work with you to continuously improve your program. Reporting is done by interval, daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly to document the progress and keep the focus on what is important to your organization.

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Start a Call Center Revolution in your Company

GCS is your answer for building and running a call center that gets results without costing a fortune. Our team is devoted to helping your customers enjoy the best experience possible as well as helping your company grow. You will customer satisfaction go up as well as loyalty and retention, while your operating costs go down. That’s what we do. That’s the GCS difference. See how we can help your company be better.

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