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Become a Leader in Process and Performance

How to Eliminate Contact Center Problems

Invest 10 minutes in a conversation with one of our advisors. We can quickly evaluate your contact center situation and suggest how it can be improved.

Every contact center we work with improves.


#1 in the Top 100 Call Centers for 2015

This award is the highest honor in our industry and means we outperformed all of our competitors for efficiency and effectiveness. Key metrics include:

Achieving service levels
Customer satisfaction
Continuous improvement
Financial performance
And more!

What are the keys to Contact Center Success?


A relentless focus on process

We’re an inch wide and mile deep in all phases of running a contact center. In a contact center, process is everything. It drives repeatable outcomes for the customer and eliminates costly mistakes.



Talented, Friendly CSRs

Our hiring process uncovers friendly people. Our management process gives them constant feedback. They continually improve and keep your customers happy – and returning for more.



Dedication to success

At GCS, we believe in transparency and working hard for our clients. Our entire organization is built to serve you. From our upside down organization chart to being able to reach our CEO when you need to – everyone at GCS is dedicated to your success.

Here's how we can help:

Fill out the form on this page to schedule a discussion with a GCS executive about your center and the issues you’re facing.

Our executive will provide a high level comparison of your center to industry leaders and provide you with ideas and alternatives in contact center management.

And if you’re a good fit, we’ll take it to the next level. We’ll move beyond a consultative phone call and provide you with a complete on-site process assessment of your current operations at NO COST.

What does a GCS Process Assessment include?


Benchmarking of your center to industry leaders so you know exactly where you stand, where you need to improve and by how much.


Ideas and alternatives in Workforce Management to maximize your staff’s productivity with your current resources.


Specific action items from floor design, to training modules, to long-range planning. Realistic ideas you can implement, regardless of whether you choose to work with us.


Pricing and performance options so you can compare us side-by-side with other vendors.

Because you'll be collaborating for a full day with a top level GCS executive at no cost to your company, we can only extend this offer to a limited number of companies who are truly committed to achieving a high performing contact center.

If this sounds like you, fill out the short form and one of our executives will be in touch shortly.

Discover why 3 of the top 5 US banks as well as top retailers, major cities, and the government organizations trust GCS to handle their contact center needs.