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The Human Side of Contact Center Consulting

Contact Center Management

Outstanding customer service starts with having the right people on staff and the right management to guide them. Choose poorly and you might end up with a work environment that is as negative as it is non-productive. GCS can get you back on track or help you get started right the first time. We have years of experience in contact centers and staffing. That background enables us to analyze your situation, develop a plan of action to fix any issues, and implement the solution.

Attitude and Skills

Employee attitude problems can lead to morale issues and a toxic culture in your organization. Let GCS handle the situation. With our guidance, you can make your employees productive again. GCS can also advise on the best ways to improve customer service and selling skills amongst your agents. Remember, we have trained thousands of people in client support and we’ve learned some best practices along the way that you can implement in your business. We will show you how.


Employee Assessment

As part of our consulting services, GCS can assess your employee situation. While this can (and does) include individual performance reviews, we go much farther. We examine your recruiting techniques, onboarding practices, overall training methods, and management styles to find root causes for turnover and attrition. Next, our subject matter experts will map out a plan of action that you can implement. We can also recommend employees for supervisor training and develop performance incentives that work.


Leadership Training

Interpersonal issues can be a major impediment to teamwork. That’s why when GCS trains your company’s managers and leadership staff. We coach how to lead as well as how to manage common types of conflict. Let us teach your lead employees how to manage their team in a productive and professional way. This includes behavior incentives and proactive steps managers can take to encourage teamwork, accuracy and shift compliance. And when needed, we cover the proper way to discipline and coach corrective action.  

Scheduling & Forecasting

Helping a company like yours with staffing and management would not be complete without also teaching your workforce team how to manage your staff to meet workflow. Our management training covers scheduling approaches and proper forecasting techniques. We show how to set up meaningful  reporting and dashboard usage.

Internal communications show how to use the technology to manage the workforce while providing maximum flexibility for your situation. We want to make sure your team is ready to fulfill their mission with minimal interruptions.

Get your Contact Center on Track with GCS

GCS delivers an honest and impartial evaluation of your staffing and management situation, then we make recommendations and develop a course of action to get everything running smoothly. Contact us today to start the process. Soon you will have a real solution for any area of your back office operations. We can help your contact center meet and exceed your organization’s expectations.