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Posted by: Greg Alcorn, May 29, 2014

Generational Communication

Guest Post by Eleanor Alcorn Our company, Global Contact Services (GCS), attended the SOCAP conference held here in North Carolina last month. The event featured many keynote speakers, workshops, discussions and presentations focused on customer care professionals. One of the guest speakers at the event, Garrison Wynn, a noted motivational speaker and humorist, had a

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On April 27-30, Global Contact Services (GCS) attended the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP) 2014 Symposium in Charlotte, North Carolina. The event featured keynote speakers, best practices discussions and workshops geared towards customer care professionals in the Consumer Packaged Goods, Retail and Direct Sale, Healthcare, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism and Automotive industries. As a

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Posted by: Greg Alcorn, April 11, 2014

Sales Strategy Session

We’ll be seeing the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013 before we know it. Now is the time to talk about 2013 goals and what it’s going to take to make those happen. The sales and marketing teams participated in a Sales Strategy Session this week. It was a two-hour long meeting that

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You’re not alone if your most recent audit shows that you are on the verge of not meeting your budget. Where do you start your analysis? Why are your costs over budget? Managing a contact center operation successfully requires the most up-to-date knowledge, a wide range of diverse skills and a team of dedicated professionals

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Expectations for social customer care are growing as more consumers are getting comfortable with online tools and technologies. It has been reported that number of social media customer service requests will increase by 37% this year. Consumer adoption of Social Media for customer service continues to grow at great speed. In anticipation of the increasing

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  About five blocks from one of our client sites in New York City, on the corner of 28th St and 39th Ave, there is an elementary school.  Every school morning, a crossing guard positions herself on that corner to provide traffic control and safe passage for the students. Her duty is one that is

When asked “Who was the most influential person in your life growing up?” the most common answers (after “my mom” or “my dad”) are usually a teacher or a coach. At GCS, we refer to the most influential people in our CMRs’ business lives as Supervisors but, aren’t they really teachers or coaches? They work

Posted by: Greg Alcorn, November 6, 2012

Global eConnect

You cannot do it all. In almost every client presentation we are asked to provide a service that is NOT our core competency. GCS provides outsourced teleservices for customer sales, service and support (CSSS). Oftentimes there are fringe services that bolt on to CSSS and it makes sense to subcontract those activities through us. In

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Posted by: Bucky Cline, November 2, 2012

Sandy’s Snowstorm Brings Families Together, at Home and Work

Billie Jean Calvert is a shift manager in our Mt. Hope facility. She recently shared with us what the past several days have been like after West Virginia was pounded with snow earlier this week due to Hurricane Sandy. Some of it has been good, some has been less than ideal but in every situation,