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We all know that listening is a important skill.  Both personally and professionally, being a good listener can make or break your success. Here are 4 tips, originally described by Dr. Jerry Bell ( to amp up your listening skills and become an active listener. Commit! It’s a Lifestyle To Listen or Not to Listen

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Posted by: Greg Alcorn, June 11, 2012

Pardon Us!

Pardon Us!  Over the next several days GCS will be posting a number of blogs in preparation for a webinar that Greg will be participating in on Wednesday. Greg will be running a session called “Coaching with Style” at 12:30 EST on Wednesday, June 13.  He will cover several areas that can improve management style.

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We use a lot of jargon in this industry. Most of the terms have been floating around for years. Sometimes, though, certain words develop a negative connotation. At GCS, we are trying to adopt more positive, cutting-edge terms. Doing this will make us more successful because we will sound more professional. Here are some examples

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The American Teleservices Association, is a non-profit trade organization dedicated exclusively to helping with the advancement of companies who utilize contact centers as an integral channel of operations. Recently they have adopted a new name, more reflective of the service its members provide. The organization will now be known as the Professional Association for Customer Engagement or PACE.  This

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Posted by: Greg Alcorn, May 15, 2012

You Are Who You Are!

Our VP of Organizational Development, Bucky Cline, walked into my office a few minutes ago because we had to collaborate on a meeting I’ll be ‘tech-support’ for tomorrow afternoon. I apologized while I fumbled with a mountain of papers on my desk, trying to move them out of the way so Bucky & I could

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“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” -Henry Ford You see a memo about a relay race taking place at the site at noon. You hear mention of a site cookout taking place next month. Your supervisor tells you about a community service event the team is getting involved

Posted by: Frank Camp, April 11, 2012

5 Benefits to Outsourcing Your Contact Center

For businesses spanning all ranges of products and services, outsourcing works. A major area in which it works quite effectively is the two-way communication between your business and your customer contacts. Although there are other reasons for this type of outsourcing, here are five major reasons why contact center outsourcing works so effectively: 1. Cost

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Posted by: Frank Camp, February 10, 2012

Metrics Measured in a Customer Service Contact Center

Similar to our outbound contact center initiatives we manage on behalf of our clients, for our inbound clients, there are many “moving parts” which drive the measurements our clients have for us. Some of the measurements are unique to the type of interaction we manage for the client (i.e. a sales call versus a customer service call)