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Posted by: Bucky Cline, March 10, 2011

Exercise & Work | What I’ve Discovered!

It seems as if you can’t turn on the TV, surf the internet or pick up the newspaper these days without seeing an article or story about the benefits of exercise and diet to a healthier and more productive you.  It seems that Americans are becoming an obese society, costing us huge sums of money

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Posted by: Frank Camp, December 14, 2010

The Virtues of Being Optimistic

In the contact center environment, being optimistic is a significant benefit. Because of the many people our agents come in contact with, having a predisposition to believe you can solve each customer’s concern or provide a relevant product or solution is important. We use various methods to identify potential agents with this aptitude.

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported last Tuesday (11/23/10) that the Obama administration has reconsidered rules regarding certain provisions of the healthcare plan passed earlier this year. Of particular interest to contact center associates is the newly proposed modification regarding low premium policies that provide limited payments for medical costs. These so-called “limited medical plans”

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The last couple of days GCS Employees have been seeing articles in the daily news about professional dress in the workplace, we’re even taking requests for the best and worst dressed employees to publish in the weekly newsletter. Perusing my feeds several days ago I came across Put This On, or more specifically I came

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Guest Blogger, Laura Czuba, a Process Improvement Specialist studying Ergonomics in home health care gives us a few tips on staying loose at the office: After a long workday at the office, is your back sometimes sore?  Are your eyes tired?  Are your shoulders, arms, and legs stiff?  If so, some ergonomic tips relevant to