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Posted by: Laura Jollay, December 16, 2011

Toys for Tots in Salisbury

Tony Burkett, call guide developer for GCS, has a place in his heart for children in need. Because of that, some really lucky kids and their families will be blessed. Tony was asked to head up the Toys for Toys campaign for his church and local community. Tony came to the Salisbury employees asking for

Posted by: Holly Czuba, September 16, 2011

Real Leadership, the New Middle East and the 2012 Election

Today I’m going to start a new blog feature!  Our communications director, Laura Jollay, does a fabulous job each week creating a company newsletter (the GCS Express).  This newsletter features articles about goings-on within our centers, industry news and sometimes articles written by our employees.  Today I’d like to share with you an employees’ thoughts

Posted by: Bucky Cline, April 15, 2011

Conviction is Key

One of our chapters in our Presentation Consistency Initiative is Product Conviction.  Here is an article by Zig Ziglar about the importance of Product Conviction. The late Mary Crowley frequently commented that one person with a conviction would do more than a hundred who only had an interest.  Commitment is the key to staying the

Posted by: Greg Alcorn, July 16, 2010

Top Performer : Debbie Call

Debbie Call is a top performer in Saltville. Here is her advice: “I feel you have to be able to focus on each customer individually to make them feel comfortable sharing their personal information with you. Listen carefully to their needs and concerns, ask probing questions and respond with the features and benefits that correspond