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Posted by: George Simons, November 5, 2012

First Impressions

The newest member of our sales team, Jason Sterns, recently attended the 2012 American Bankers and Insurance Association Annual Convention with President and CEO Greg Alcorn. Jason was kind enough to tell us his first impressions of GCS while attending this event and meeting some of our valued past and present clients. I had the pleasure

Posted by: Greg Alcorn, June 7, 2011

Tips for Selling Anything!

We did a webinar with the ABIA yesterday.  We covered some marketing and communication tips and best practices for your agency.  Here are some of the tips that were covered. 1. Feet on the Street still work Keep yourself visible at all times. Promote your agency both internally and externally. Everyone you know should know what

fix your call center
Posted by: Greg Alcorn, October 4, 2010

GCS was at the ABIA last week!

and here’s our round-up! GCS specializes in insurance services for large financial companies.  So it is no surprise to find we are members of the American Bankers Insurance Association or ABiA.  Each year the ABiA holds a conference to let their bank members learn about new rules and regulations, see innovative ideas and meet companies

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Contact Center staffing
Posted by: Greg Alcorn, September 23, 2010


Greg Alcorn President & CEO Greg is the hands-on leader of the organization. Very approachable and insightful, he makes sure the organization is nimble and responsive to the needs of the client and their customers. Tag up with Greg and see your objectives fulfilled. Mark Lambert Vice President of Sales Mark is your first contact