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I recently began a seminar series over at the local community college talking about online marketing.  I’ve been working on websites and in the online marketing industry since 2003 and I’ve been working at GCS since July 2009. There has been a monumental shift in marketing with the rise of both social media sites and

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tips for contact center staffing
Posted by: Bob Dunmire, January 11, 2012

New Years Resolutions from the Tech Corner

Last Thursday was the IT/Applications Development Update day on the morning call.  I felt (albeit partly in my own self interest) obliged to provide everyone with some simple tips to keeping their computer running effectively and efficiently. (Step by step instructions are for a machine using Windows 7) Run a Disk Clean Up 1. From

At the end of July, GCS is going to be celebrating it’s 10 year anniversary.  In honor of such an accomplishment, especially in an environment that is seeing many businesses fail, we’re going to be providing some historical perspectives on our growth and changes in the industry over the next several weeks. Two years ago,

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It’s always a fun exercise to imagine what your industry will look like in 20 years.   This article over at Call Center Helper does just that, asking several industry experts what they think the call center will look like in 20 years.  I’ve asked some of our Technology team to read the article and give