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Improve Performance with Onsite Training

Help your agents be the best they can be with GCS Onsite training.

Our experienced staff will deliver our soft skills training live with your team. We can expand on the key areas you are most concerned about. Our training programs combines the best practices we have learned in decades of contact center training. The end result is a highly customized, and highly effective, training program that delivers hands-on learning and actionable techniques for your staff to implement.

Contact Center Orientation

Before you can teach an agent how to deliver great customer service, you have to start with orienting them to the call center environment and the company at-large. We build a foundation of call center practices and familiarize each agent with the tools, expectations and security standards they will use. We provide a knowledge base that makes understanding specific client needs and preferences easier.


Systematic Approach

Over the years, we have learned that a systematic approach to training is best. Every time we introduce a new concept to our trainees, we deliver the information, explore its meanings, explain what the concept looks like in action, and offer opportunities for staff to practice those activities. Throughout this process, an experienced coach is monitoring progress and providing individual support as necessary so that each agent fully understands the training.

Client Specific Training

Once our agents have a good foundation of contact center best practices, we start teaching them client-specific information. They will learn about your company and its culture before getting into program details. As we begin training for your project, we will introduce them to concepts incrementally so that each step can be fully absorbed before moving to the next concept.

Feedback and One-on-One Coaching

We want each agent to be as effective as possible, so we take agent training seriously. Throughout our onsite training, our staff provides individual feedback and one-on-one coaching to ensure each agent understands the concepts and material they are learning. They will be nested with a mentor before the final assessment for certification on your program.

That level of support does not stop once the program begins. Our managers provide regular coaching to all agents, both as a team and separately. Our QA team provides specifics for Supervisors to use with each agent. If they detect a widespread misunderstanding, they coordinate retraining with the Trainers.

GCS Delivers Effective Onsite Training

Onsite training is a great way to illustrate customer service concepts to new agents and coach contact center staff to be their most productive. GCS takes a systematic approach to our onsite training, providing a mixture of group instruction and individual coaching. By going slowly and building information, we find employee retention is improved and overall performance is higher.