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Say This, Not That

What We Offer

GCS offers online training to help reinforce good soft skills in your contact center agents – any time of night or day. Your agents will be more effective with this insightful and fun training program. Our three-step approach covers the importance:

1. Careful word selection
2. Techniques for mastering conversations
3. Listening skills

Agent progress is tracked through the online program. Graduates earn a program certification as well as access to the system for refresher courses. Employee confidence is improved as well as their effectiveness in difficult customer situations.

Help your contact center agents perform on every call and confidently handle even the worst customer service calls. They learn the fine points of conversation, empathy building, and writing techniques. GCS online soft skills training is an easy to use and economical way to teach your employees how to provide the best customer service possible.

Plus, because the program is online, your agents can complete the program when it suits your center. They don’t have to leave the call center floor for training. And it frees up the center training resources to focus on the specifics unique to the organization.


Word Selection

The words we use to communicate are very important. Subtle differences in language selection can have a very different meaning. These differences are impactful in our daily lives, but in the customer service space, they can mean the difference between a happy customer and a difficult situation.


Mastering Conversations

The GCS online soft skills training will help your agents develop the ability to diffuse challenging situations and be manage the conversation – both on the phone and in written communications. The program teaches agents how to write well and use formatting like bold text or italics to provide appropriate emphasis.


Listening Skills

Through our soft skills training, your employees will learn how to listen effectively. The online system coaches them on how to spot non-verbal cues while teaching them how to ask better questions. They learn how to focus and be attentive to detail. Upon completion of the program, you agents will be able to better control the flow and direction of conversations while anticipating customer responses.

Proven soft skills training for increased customer service and communication skills.

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Reinforce Training Concepts with Online Training

Customer service often means engaging with your clients when everything has gone wrong. Knowing how to effectively manage those situations will help your agents remain calm in adverse situations. They will be able to diffuse anger and have fewer escalations.

Help your contact center agents learn how to redirect the most stressful customer service situations with our online soft skills training program. The three-module program is easy to use and effective. It includes videos, written activities and team practice suggestions. The resource guides become an agent reference tool.