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Industry Experience, Process Approach, Turnkey Solution

Omnichannel Support

Your customers want to be able to reach your company on their terms. GCS can help you do that. We have omnichannel solutions to connect with your current and prospective buyers via live agent or IVR, night or day. We also support email, web chat, text, video, and social channels – even direct mail! It is important to your company’s success that your customers can contact you when and how they want. We can meet them when they are ready with a consistent message and experience that builds your brand.


One of the things that makes GCS unique is that we are process-focused. Often our clients already have a program in place. They just want it to perform better or cost less. We begin with the end in mind by understanding your expectations and studying the current situation. We identify areas of improvement that drive a superior outcome and meet performance indicators. Then we develop an approach that combines the right people, process, and technology to deliver at an affordable price point. Then we closely manage to achieve the results.

Our focus is on simple and intuitive. We will help you reach your goals while ensuring that your customers are satisfied every time. The end result for you is an outsourced call center that just works, and works, and works.

Call Center Outsourcing

GCS is an expert in contact centers, but we don’t try to push a readymade solution on you. We tailor call center and contact center processes to meet your company culture, needs and business goals. We make sure that it isn’t YOU outsourcing your call center to us – it’s GCS running YOUR call center for YOU. It may seem like a small difference, but the approach is completely different – and so is the result.

Retail and Consumer

Being successful in any consumer-facing business requires strong customer service skills. A negative encounter with a contact center agent threatens a lifetime of THAT customer’s business – PLUS everyone they tell about it. The stakes are high. Make sure you select a contact center that puts YOUR customer experience first.

GCS Believes in Customer Service


Financial Services and Insurance

If you have a financial services or insurance company, customer service may rank top of your list in call center outsourcing features, but you also need something else – compliance. GCS has passed every financial and independent audit we’ve ever had. We’ve worked with three of the top five banks in the US, several financial services companies and a dozen insurance companies. Need licensed agents for sales, we can help. Fulfillment, got it. Web support and sales, ditto. We have experience with B2C and B2B markets. We understand the unique challenges and compliance issues first-hand. Let’s discuss your next program.

GCS Knows Compliance


Federal and Local Government

GCS works with governments and public sector agencies too. We serve as both prime and subcontractor. In either case, our goal is the same – learn your mission, understand your goals, and make sure to deliver. We offer contact center services in multiple languages, are technology agnostic, and bring energy and experience to the team. Complex operations, back office elements and customer facing positions are part of the solutions we provide.

We staff and manage both dedicated and consolidated centers. We operate Government owned (GOCO) and Contractor owned (COCO) models. GCS is an easy partner to have on your team.

GCS Works with Government


Hospitality and Transportation

When you work in the hospitality or transportation industry, you often have additional layers of complexity in your operations. Often you are dealing with a higher level of expectations. There are details of reservations, scheduling and payment. Same day issues must be addressed quickly to avoid customer frustrations and costly fixes.  Just as importantly, you need those reservations and appointments to sync up with your other systems so there are no surprises and you fulfill every obligation (along with each special request). GCS can do that for you - and your customer.

GCS is Complete Hospitality

“I am overwhelmed with how quickly you have acclimated yourselves to this new environment. The improvement in the daily service levels and customer service being provided is a testimony to your commitment to excellence. Thank you on behalf of our customers and continue the good work.”

Munucipal Project Manager

Case Study

When a municipal agency needs a call center that can handle the needs of over 8 million residents, where do they start?

One Municipal Agency’s Customer Service Center was stuck. Service levels were declining while customer volume was growing. The agency was using a vendor that did a great job with managing its vehicle fleet, but its call center performance just wasn’t where it needed to be. Customer service agent morale was in a freefall. Attendance was a problem and there were starting to be reports of negative interactions with customers. The Agency knew it had to do something to reduce its wait times and improve customer satisfaction while working within its budget.

The Agency put out a Request for Proposals and spent 18 months selecting the best candidate for the job. After sifting through dozens of applicants, they chose GCS – and we went to work.

By selecting GCS as their Call Center contractor, the Municipal Agency kept its staff and overall operational costs under budget while customer service levels reached an all-time high. Performance exceeded the Service Level Agreements every single month. The center even won an award for being the Best Customer Service Center in its Class with the help of GCS.

At GCS, we are an expert call center contractor – we help you get more value from your contractor dollars.


Are you Ready to Take your Customer Service to the Next Level?

Whether you are in the public sector or your run a commercial business, GCS can help you transform your contact center operations. We can help you optimize sales and boost performance while delivering consistent quality with each interaction. Our outsourcing contact center solutions are robust, agile, and effective. Plus, we don’t need to bust your budget to get you there.