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Contact Center Outsourcing

Exceed Your Expectations

Get More from your Staffing and Management Partner

GCS Advantages

We Deliver:

  • Realtime Staffing Management of Cross Trained Agents and Full and Part-Time Scheduling 
  • Proprietary Coaching Module for Professional and Knowledgeable Staffing
  • Efficient Cost Model and Flat Organization Chart
  • Constant Innovation from Professional Development and Quality Control

Your Benefits

So You Receive:

  • Swift and Accurate Customer Service without Paying for Idle Time
  • High Customer Satisfaction and Positive Brand Image
  • Simple Pricing and ROI Analysis for Scalable Growth
  • Cost Savings and Higher Satisfaction with Outsourcing

Our 4 Advantages. Your 4 Benefits.


Data Driven to meet your SLAs

Every outsourcing partner will tell you that SLAs are important. We will show you. Every thirty minutes. Your customized Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Dashboard tells the numbers’ story. Key metrics like ASA, AHT, Abandon Rate, FCR are followed, all the time. Our workforce management includes cross-trained customer service reps and a combo of full and part-time schedules. We manage staffing to be efficient from peaks to valleys of customer activity. We put Sanity into managing your program, so you don’t overpay for results.


Soft Skills to Exceed CSAT Scores

Only GCS has a proprietary soft skills certification.  Every GCS associate must pass our Mastering Soft Skills training program.  This program layers terrific communication methods with YOUR subject matter language.  The result?  Professional and polite conversations with your customers.  We want to simply be an extension of your in-house employees. When you visit a GCS center, don’t be surprised if you see our CEO “taking a knee” and listening to a live conversation.


Outsource your staffing to save money

We know you don’t like surprises. GCS follows the “no surprises” principle.  Daily and cumulative KPI results and dashboard monitoring of cost provide you with running totals.  You can see the value we provide. And at the end of every billing cycle, there will be no surprises.  Our upside-down and flat organizational chart allows us to put more customer facing resources to work for you. Your program is managed efficiently AND cost effectively. That’s real value.


Share best practices and stop bad ones

We are customer service process experts.  We provide outsource staffing and management to many different industries.  Frequently, we realize an innovation with one client that can apply to ALL other clients.  For example, we discovered a powerful “closing” method for a large utility client that we shared with government, insurance, financial and consumer products clients.  Ask us about how to end a conversation with a “Yes”, rather than a “No”.

Amazon Connect - All Channels, Any Solution

Your customers want to be able to reach your company on their terms. GCS can help you do that. We use Amazon Connect as our Call Center platform. Combined with Amazon Web Services, the options are almost limitless.

Our omnichannel solutions connect with your customer at any time. Using both live agent and self-service and hybrid call flows, we improve customer satisfaction and lower cost.

Besides voice and IVR, we also support email, web chat, text, video, and social channels – even direct mail! Customer Satisfaction is important to your company’s success. With GCS as your partner, they get the right answer, the right way, each time and any time. That builds your brand.

Startup Experience On Time and On Budget

Each client has unique needs that determine the time needed to begin or transition their program. It can range from days to months, depending on the requirements. Our implementation team has years of experience smoothly starting programs on time and budget. Let's discuss your needs so we can provide a realistic time frame for your program.

The start-up time is typically driven by three key areas:

  • The Size and Complexity of the Program
  • The Training Requirements of the Workforce
  • The Availability and Location of the Centers

GCS is an expert in contact center processes. For instance, if you are currently running a program and its size fits into one of our existing centers, it can be often up and running in just a few weeks. Often, the two longest pieces of implementation are the initial recruiting and training. Setting up a new center in an existing space can be done in 45 to 90 days. A completely new building is typically 9 to 18 months. We're happy to discuss options!

Get Started  

Call Center Outsourcing


GCS is an expert in contact centers, but we don’t try to push a readymade solution on you. We tailor call center and contact center processes to meet your company culture, needs, and business goals. We make sure that it isn’t YOU outsourcing your call center to us – it’s GCS running YOUR call center for YOU. It may seem like a small difference, but the approach is completely different – and so is the result. Discover how you can eliminate contact center problems



How to Eliminate Contact Center Problems

“I am overwhelmed with how quickly you have acclimated yourselves to this new environment. The improvement in the daily service levels and customer service being provided is a testimony to your commitment to excellence. Thank you on behalf of our customers and continue the good work.”

Munucipal Project Manager

Case Study

When a municipal agency needs a call center that can handle the needs of over 8 million residents, where do they start?

One Municipal Agency’s Customer Service Center was stuck. Service levels were declining while customer volume was growing. The agency was using a vendor that did a great job with managing its vehicle fleet, but its call center performance just wasn’t where it needed to be. Customer service agent morale was in a freefall. Attendance was a problem and there were starting to be reports of negative interactions with customers. The Agency knew it had to do something to reduce its wait times and improve customer satisfaction while working within its budget.

The Agency put out a Request for Proposals and spent 18 months selecting the best candidate for the job. After sifting through dozens of applicants, they chose GCS – and we went to work.

By selecting GCS as their Call Center contractor, the Municipal Agency kept its staff and overall operational costs under budget while customer service levels reached an all-time high. Performance exceeded the Service Level Agreements every single month. The center even won an award for being the Best Customer Service Center in its Class with the help of GCS.

At GCS, we are an expert call center contractor – we help you get more value from your contractor dollars.


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