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Compliance and Quality in the Center

Compliance & Quality Assurance

Compliance begins before your contact center takes its first call. It starts with the ways you do things. Your process has to be set up properly in order for your operations to comply – and, the same thing goes for quality. You have to design quality into each phase of your operations. Then you have to monitor both to stay on track. Let GCS help you get your contact center and its agents up to speed.

Laws and Regulations

When you operate a contact center, you have to follow a variety of local, county, and state laws as well as federal standards. Different agency and regulatory bodies weigh in too, such as the CFPB, the FCC, FISMA, the FTC, and more. Industry-specific organizations may also have requirements. Keeping everything straight can be dizzying. GCS can help your company make sure that it is in compliance in all phases of operations.


Security and Data Protection

Security and data protection are critical. Information security is an important part of being a responsible business, but not every company knows technology well enough to understand where you might be vulnerable. GCS does. We can help you construct firewalls, procedures and monitoring that prevents penetration and alert you to potential attacks. We help you stay  ahead of a data security issue. This includes meeting standards like PCI-DSS, SOC I and II, and HIPAA.


Call Quality Monitoring

You want to make sure that every agent who works on your behalf is following all applicable laws and regulations. It is also important to listen in and see how well the agents are adhering to your brand. We show you how to identify shortcomings so they can be addressed right away. We also provide auditing plans and training for your QA team and supervisors.

Agent Improvement

The best customer service agents didn’t get there by accident. They were monitored for the quality of their interactions and coached on ways to improve. From the proper handling of requests to the agent’s listening skills and tone of voice, GCS can provide an objective analysis of your customer contact representatives.

Quality is No Mistake

Take the steps necessary to make your contact center a success. GCS can help you achieve compliance and adjust your operations so they are in line with all applicable standards. We will also monitor customer calls and connections to gauge the compliance levels of your staff and help them improve their customer service skills.