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Where Process Meets Performance

At GCS, contact centers are our business.

We have set them up in almost every industry, and in different locations, for companies of every size. They have been successful because we employ a process-driven approach to everything we do. With GCS Consulting Services, you can get the benefit from that know-how for your business. Count on us to give you a game plan that delivers consistent performance at the lowest cost.

Improved Performance

Forget canned responses, mind-numbing Powerpoints, and strategies filled with the latest buzzwords. GCS practices the practical business approach. And we practice every day in our own centers.

Our back office experienced Subject Matter Experts observe your operations, listen to your company’s goals and review your industry best practices. Then we present informed recommendations for how you can achieve lasting performance improvements in any phase of your contact center or back office operation. You get the game plan for your team to put in action. And if you need additional help, we will support you there too.


Workflow Management

Optimizing workflow to reflect call volume and issue type requires lots of data and experienced analysis. Why not let GCS do the heavy lifting? We have worked with hundreds of contact centers so we know what information matters, how to track it, and where to adjust your operations based on the analysis.


Human Capital Management

One of the biggest opportunities for contact centers is in better human capital management. We look at the roles and staffing of your organization. Better personnel selection leads to increased performance and reduces turnover. Proper planning and scheduling make sure your customers have minimal wait times. Improved training ensures agents provide MEANINGFUL customer support.


Company Culture

Sometimes the culture in a contact center turns toxic. The wrong management and a few bad experiences can develop into a downward spiral if you don’t act. GCS knows how to stop issues from turning into problems and how to correct the damage done. We can show you how to coach your employees, retrain your leadership, and accelerate the performance of your staff.


Technology Selection

We can apply our process-based approach to your technology selection as well. Let us help you decide on cloud solutions, IVR and CRM systems. We understand the options and investigate what fits your company’s needs best – today and down the road. GCS can also explain your contact channel options and help you decide whether making the move towards IVR, chat, text support, and more is right for you.

We often find the existing systems aren’t being utilized fully. In those cases some staff training and minor system tweaking provides a real boost for a lot less than a new system.


Compliance & Auditing

GCS can help you verify compliance and audit your operations, so you know exactly where you stand. After identifying any deficiencies, we will present you with a plan of action to correct those issues.

We can help you check agent quality too – both the practical issues (e.g. did that agent give the right information) and the intangible ones (e.g. is that tone of voice a good representation of your brand). Our QA services help you improve each member of your organization.

GCS Process and Logistics

Our process-based approach can help you spot problems in your contact center and identify solutions. We examine workflow and process to uncover those little things that make a huge difference. Use our experience to better organize your logistics and optimize your performance.