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Business Operations and Finance

GCS Offers Small Company Attitude and Agility with Corporate-Level Resources

GCS offers the agility of a small company along with direct access to our top experts so that you get all the benefits of large-company resources with small-company service.

Small companies have the agility and ability to change everything as the tides of business change. They aren’t as tied to processes, procedures, or software, the way that larger corporations can be and that makes them powerful. When you are small, you can fit in just about anywhere, serving and complementing whatever niche you like best.

However, large companies have the resources that let them leverage economies of scale and scope to keep costs low. Procedures may be less reflexive, but they are generally effective. Corporations hone those methods, continuously improving them so that the end result is something easy to replicate and manage.

Need Results Fast?

The problem is that you know your company needs a contact center. You just don’t know how it all works. When business operations, technology, or finance is your focus, contact centers can seem abstract at best. Intuitively, you know there is more to customer service than answering phones, and more to providing excellent customer service than picking up on the second ring – but translating that into action is easier said than done. To complicate matters, it’s not like you have an unlimited budget and limitless time. You need results - like yesterday. You need a contact center vendor who is going to be able to deliver without turning your organization or its operations upside down.

Challenges You're Facing:

“At GCS, our differentiator is our ability to teach as many of our associates as possible about communications skills. Because we’re an audio business, holding conversations over the phone, we do the very best we can to be able to make the most out of every relationship… Our approach to customer service can be characterized by empathetic listening, influence, and positive problem-solving.”

Greg Alcorn, founder, and CEO of GCS, author of 7 Dumb Things We All Say: Smart Ways to Improve Every Relationship

Identify Solution Through Services

Get Measurable Results

GCS is prepared to deliver measurable results. We have worked with companies from every industry, helping them provide the world-class customer service for which GCS is known. Our team knows how to hire, train, motivate, and manage call center agents so that you will see a quantifiable difference. You will be able to see the benefit of GCS when your agents are:

  • answering calls quickly

  • effectively handling the demand throughout the day,

  • resolving issues on the first call,

  • satisfying customers with the service they receive.

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Streamline Your Operations

When you hire GCS, we can help you streamline your operations. Our team knows the best practices that can help you succeed for less effort and less cost than you might currently be spending. Let us help you cut the fat from your processes and procedures so that every component of your operations runs smoothly and efficiently.

Your contact center can become a hub helping your entire organization run better. By meshing your existing systems with our experience, you will be able to organize and synchronize customer information like never before. Your agents will have context before talking with a customer, every single time, and you can use that information to improve your operations from the inside out.

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GCS is your Partner for Contact Center Success

Reaching success (as you define it) while increasing retention and cutting costs may seem like a challenge, but that is what GCS does every day. We are experts in developing and operating contact centers. Our best practices have set the standard in the call center industry. We know how to use different communication channels effectively as well as how to be efficient in all of our operations. GCS can keep you on budget and above your performance goals.

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