Let GCS build, staff and set-up your next center before taking ownership

Smart companies looking to expand or consolidate are choosing the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) model. Companies often recognize the cost-savings opportunities and strategic advantages of establishing a new contact center or BPO. However, the task of getting that new facility off the ground is often daunting. With GCS BOT, we do it all for you and increase your chance of success:

  • Use our experience to lower the risk associated with site selection and start-up.
  • Keep your staff focused on the core business, not on building out the new center.
  • Avoid the “gotchas” in establishing a new center, especially in other countries.
  • Free capital until the center is open and operational.
  • Define the point in the future when you want to take ownership.

bot build operate transfer contact centerThe BOT Model:

The BOT model reduces those risks and resource drains by effectively outsourcing the start-up and initial implementation process. GCS will work with you to identify the best location, set up the operation, establish the processes, hire and train the people. Then we manage the start-up and ramp plan to full operation. When the timing is right, we turn it all over to you.

Use BOT to:

  • Expand into New Areas or Countries
  • Create ownership and capital flexibility
  • Maintain key resources for core projects and operations
  • Hedge against possible market or technology changes
  • Maintain near term anonymity of a project or strategic change

Ready to discuss your next center needs. Contact GCS and let us propose a BOT model that will work for your situation.

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