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Bryan Overcash

Bryan oversees the systems and processes that bring demonstrated value and sanity to each client program. His leadership of all operational, financial, and administrative activities, effectively deliver the quality interactions that are key to client success. Clients appreciate his laser focus on their program results while enjoying his personable approach to daily interaction.

Prior to GCS, Bryan was vice president of finance for one of the country’s largest customer contact BPO firms. Seeing a better way to serve the client and customer, he partnered with Greg Alcorn in 2001 to form GCS. Since then, Bryan has led the start-up and operation of dozens of contact centers serving multiple clients and industries. He has consulted on contact center projects around the world, including in Europe, Manila, India, and Japan. Mr. Overcash is a certified public accountant (CPA) and draws from experience as the CFO of service, technology and manufacturing companies. 

Articles By Bryan Overcash

How to Tackle the Call Center Setup Process

One of your biggest challenges in adding successful call center services to your operations is setting up the facility. There’s a lot of upfront time and capital investment in the set-up of the physical space for your facility. Even if you already have a contact center, it could be failing because you didn’t know how to set up a successful contact center in the first place. At GCS, some of the common problems we see are choosing the wrong location, building a facility that is too small, and picking the wrong combination of technology to balance the needs of your customers and your organization.

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9 Things to Think About When Building a Call Center Staffing Plan

Outsourcing your call center could be the smartest decision you ever make, but only if you take the time to plan it out. While your call center outsourcing vendor will handle most of the legwork for you, there are certain variables that you as a company should decide upon first. It is important that you have a framework of a call center staffing plan that fits your business needs today while setting you up for success tomorrow. After all, it is your business on the line and only you know the objectives you want your customer service operations to have.

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How Much Does It Cost to Outsource a Call Center?

Call center staffing is critical to the success of your contact center. Whether you are hiring for inbound customer service or outbound sales, people make the difference. They impact the customer experience; they also impact your company budget. By how much will depend on the way you chose to structure your call center operations.

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