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Call Center Effectiveness - Team Management

By: gcsagents on February 10th, 2015

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Call Center Effectiveness - Team Management


In the call center environment every job is critical. The call center is a team of people committed to providing consistent service, one caller at a time. At GCS we like to say the Agent is the most important person, because they have the direct contact with the customer. Their Supervisor is the most influential person because they directly impact the performance of the Agent on a daily basis.

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Being a Supervisor for 10 or more people is a challenging and rewarding experience. Call center management is complicated. However, it can be simplified with the proper tools. Today there is a wide range of option, including web-based dashboards designed to give managers real time facts and data to work with, allowing them to make more effective decisions and adjust their plans quickly as different situations arise. Potential problems can be avoided with the right call center management tool and process.

Typical performance trackers works by consolidating metrics and data from multiple sources and displaying them all on one cohesive and customizable dashboard. Supervisors can monitor a high level overview of their Agent team and operational metrics, but they can easily drill down into the details to learn more. Moreover, these systems allow various teams to instantly compare actual performance to goal, and then utilize the knowledge to take immediate and effective action. Because all the key performance indicators are displayed graphically in the form of charts, gauges, and grids, all the essential information can easily be displayed at a glance without switching through multiple screens. Supervisors spend less time running reports and more time on coaching their agents and managing their call centers.

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