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Kids say the darndest things…

By: Greg Alcorn on August 2nd, 2014

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Kids say the darndest things…

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…and so do adults.  Back in the 1960’s, Art Linkletter had a variety show that included interviews with children.  When a child said something unexpected, Linkletter would say his then famous line – Kids say the darndest things.  We’re not sure if “darndest” was or is a word, but everybody understood.

One of our current projects is focused on helping the college be more productive with their student services.  Particularly, we’re to improve their contact center productivity with better processes and upgraded technology.

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While listening to a phone conversation between a college advisor and a potential student, the caller asked if a driver’s license was necessary to take a course in limo driving.  Without hesitation, the advisor said “yes, you have to have a driver’s license to take the course”.  So, it’s not just kids who say the darndest things.

Great customer service includes brushing aside obvious errors in speech, understanding the context and moving forward in helping the customer.  We are like a great concierge service that helps tourists.  The tourist might get confused or be slow to understand directions, but the concierge is patient and makes sure the tourist gets the information correct.  Same is true for our customer service call centers, our college advisors, our mobility sales team and our visa service professionals, etc.

We must say the right thing, give the right instructions, but most importantly, make sure the customer understands the instructions.  If we get it right, everything is fine.  If we get it wrong, it might sound like the darndest thing.

Have a great week and thank you.

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