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Management Candidate Program

By: Greg Alcorn on June 19th, 2014

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Management Candidate Program

Education & Learning

122566911-300x263One of the main principles at GCS is to provide opportunities to those who want them. It is our goal for all associates to enjoy working at GCS and to find it makes their lives better.

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That’s where our Management Candidate Program comes in. This program was started over twenty years ago and includes dozens of learning modules designed to develop and hone the skills necessary to become a manager in the contact center advisory services field.

Since the program’s beginning, hundreds of GCS employees have applied, been chosen, completed and received certification in this program.  The Management Candidate Program is well established in our contact centers and we are pleased to see the steady stream of internal promotions as a result.  Our clients are even involved in the approval of each candidate before the promotion to management can take effect. For the past 20 years, our track record of approvals has been excellent.

Applying for the Management Candidate Program is the first step toward reaching the goal of becoming a manager here at GCS and a great way to enjoy a long and prosperous career with us.  At GCS, we want to help make every team member’s life better by giving them the opportunities they need to succeed.

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