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Coaches are Just Teachers Trying to Help Us Win

By: Bryan Overcash on August 7th, 2013

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Coaches are Just Teachers Trying to Help Us Win

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When asked “Who was the most influential person in your life growing up?” the most common answers (after “my mom” or “my dad”) are usually a teacher or a coach. At GCS, we refer to the most influential people in our CMRs’ business lives as Supervisors but, aren’t they really teachers or coaches? They work daily with CMRs on presentation skills, right? At GCS, we are changing the titles for “the most influential people in our company.

Let's call our Supervisors what they really are - Coaches!

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Coaches and teachers are very influential and so are the individuals working one-on-one with our CMRs. Formerly known as Supervisors, these front-line support folks are the most effective people in our company because they work directly with the most important people in our company, our CMRs. They spend valuable time monitoring, counseling and providing feedback to CMRs each and every day. Yes, they “supervise,” but even more importantly, they “coach” CMRs to be the very best they can be. “Coaching” CMRs on presentation skills daily is the key to success at GCS. These knowledgeable, veteran employees can give CMRs quality information to implement into their presentations, making for a better customer experience. These individuals play an important part in our ability to achieve success in what we do.

Let’s embrace referring to the most influential people in our company as “Coaches” rather than Supervisors today and every day.

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