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Expressed Interest

By: Greg Alcorn on October 31st, 2012

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Expressed Interest

Expressed Interest

We’re told by our clients that we communicate better and more than anyone else in the industry. That’s a nice compliment and hopefully it results in longer, more fruitful relationships. Our clients like the GCS Express and really like our documentation of process, results, action items and compliance. We try to stay current with our clients and offer value with every contact.

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The same approach applies internally at GCS. We strive to communicate and be as transparent as possible. There are no secrets at GCS, but there is confidentiality, so we can’t communicate everything all the time.

Our communication process is about as good as it gets. We have daily meetings with our senior management team, daily meetings with every department, weekly sales, production and technology meetings and monthly financial updates.
We use written and audio messaging to communicate with our associates, too. I don’t know of any other company that provides daily news, weekly updates with this Express and monthly dialogues with every associate using the Straight Talk program.

We can’t tell everybody everything, but we certainly strive to let everyone know what’s happening at GCS. We have provided the GCS Express every week for over four years now. What a track record! Let’s keep it going!

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