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Increase the Level Of Business in Your Daily Routine

By: Bucky Cline on August 7th, 2012

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Increase the Level Of Business in Your Daily Routine

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person-246x300In our last employee survey we asked for ideas from our employees about how they increase our level of business performance in their daily routines.  We got some great tips! Here they are:

  1. Make every call count, make calls presentable and always assume the sale.
  2. Be consistent, be at work when scheduled and keep idle/wrap time low.
  3. Be a mentor to new associates to help them integrate into GCS.
  4. Always have a positive attitude. Treat clients with professional respect.
  5. Be a good example of what a quality associate needs to be by maintaining the quality of the calls and increasing overall performance.
  6. Double your effort!
  7. Stay focused and positive and know the product you are selling.

These are just a few of the many great responses to our survey.


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