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The Ebb and Flow of Workload

By: Greg Alcorn on August 18th, 2012

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The Ebb and Flow of Workload

Inside a Contact Center

I like August for 134 reasons. Not because it feels like 134 degrees in Yuma, but because we hired 134 associates in the first week of August. Business is growing again and we can help our clients and help our communities by being  able to provide good, steady employment.

The challenge in our industry is to be able to achieve that last part – steady employment. Unfortunately, sales and service don’t operate on a consistent time line. Promotional programs to customers that require outsourced telesales and service are a lot like retail sales events. They happen in waves or spikes and then take a break.

Our business volume can fluctuate as much as thirty percent some months. We continue to add clients and different types of programs to flatten the production, but we’ll always need to be flexible to respond to the ebb and flow of activity.

In July, we added a new employment status. Now, an associate at GCS can enter our company on our “flex shift.” Flex shift associates provide value to full time associates and to our clients by helping at peak times and raising our capacity levels. We have close to one hundred flex shift associates and many of these wish to be full time some day.

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The flex shift model is certainly beneficial to our clients. 

They like our ability to ramp up and ramp down programs. However, we prefer to ramp up and stay up with their programs. We want to hire another 134 associates as soon as we can. The flex shift model won’t change the temperature in Yuma, but it will certainly help us grow.

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